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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lily Lake Yurt Trip

A Day and a half after I got back from Arizona, I went on a trip with a few friends to Northern Utah. We drove through Evanston Wyoming to get to the Wasatch- Cache National Forest to start our snow shoe hike to Lily Lake to get to our yurt that we would stay in for the night. This is the only way you could get me on a camp out in the winter. I was not only excited to go on a little camp out, but I was also excited to use my awesome backpack again. Also to use my new sleeping bag AND my new snow shoes I bought. I had never snow shooed before, but living in Utah I thought it would be a good investment.  My snow shoes were awesome! I got such a great deal on them too.

We packed up our stuff and the cars and drove a couple of hours to our destination. We all got our backpacks on and our snow shoes and we were ready to start our adventure.

On to the Lily Lake Yurt!

The hike was beautiful and snowy. I was loving it.

Later we got to the yurt. You wondering what that set up is like? Let me show you. This is what the outside of the yurt looks like.

Outside around the yurt we have a porta potty, wood pile for the wood stove and a blocked off section of snow. This is the snow we collect to melt for drinking water.

This is what the inside of the yurt looked like. Seems pretty cozy right?

It was actually one of the worst nights sleep I have had. The bunks were super hard. I was on the edge of the highest top bunk (sharing the bunk with Allison), so I couldn't sleep super well in fear that I was going to fall off. The wood stove warmed up the yurt so much that I felt like I was in a sauna. Bottom bunk claimed to be "freezing". Meanwhile I was on the top bunk sleeping on top of my sleeping bag, not being able to take off anymore layers or I would be naked. It was terrible. This picture... the looks on our faces... it explains it all.

We ate dinner. I of course had dinner in a bag. Ellis wanted to bring back the Thailand good times and packed Jenga for us to play. So we played that.

After the horrible nights sleep we cleaned up, packed out and started our snow shoe trip back.

Sabrina and I discovered that we had the same Joan of Arctic boots! How awesome is that? I love my boots.

My favorite thing is that Daniel snow shooed in his robe and wore it most of the time he was in the cabin.

It was snowing almost the entire hike back. It was beautiful. I loved not being at work. Instead I was enjoying the beauties of winter nature and taking a little adventure with some fun people. Doesn't get better than that. I even made a little video of our fun trip.

We all enjoyed the trip. We all enjoyed the beautiful snowy scenery. It was really a Winter Wonderland!

What a fun trip. I would totally do this again (different yurt next time?). Especially since I know what to expect now and feel like I would go in more prepared knowing what to expect. What a fun group! I'm so happy that I was invited and I was able to go. Loved this adventure!


jamie hixon said...

Sleeping in those conditions sounds like an amazing type of torture. But your gear looks good. I'm glad you love your snow shoes. They look fab.

Caytlin said...

We were just talking about getting snowshoes the other day! Where did you get yours?

Tracy said...

Recreation outlet in American Fork. They are great quality and were only $50.

Caytlin said...

Good to know! Thanks!!