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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beach Tote

Last Tuesday I went to a class to learn to make the cutest beach tote. My friend Lexi started a monthly class called "Domaign" and I have been wanting to go the last few months. This last month the class was put on by my other good friend Sarah (which is how I met Lexi... through her birthday flashmob) and when I saw a picture of the tote AND knew both of these girls were involved... I just HAD to go. I have the most talented friends. Seriously makes me feel like I should be accomplishing more in my life. Anyway... look how cute this is.

Now you see why I had to sign up. So glad I did! I showed this to my friend Megan as well and she decided to sign up with me. We got there and chose which sewing machine to use and when we signed up we had a choice of material to choose from. It was a hard choice, but I chose the floral because I fell in love with it in the picture. It was a toss up though with the pinstripe which is what Megan chose. I'm glad she did because they were both cute and I liked seeing how both turned out.

It took us a while, but Megan and I both got to work on our bags and got it done step by step.

After a few hours, despite our sewing abilities finished our totes AND they turned out SO cute. I seriously love mine and have already taken it with me to the pool and got some compliments.


Jessica Stark said...

So cute!! I wish we had stuff like that up here, I would so sign up!

Lynette Mills said...

Nice job Tracy .

kittens said...

Cute! Is she offering this class again? I want to make one.

William said...

Fun Tracy, great job! Doesn't it feel great to sew something of your own :) Did they have all the pieces cut out for you already and step by step instructions? That makes things go a lot faster, which is so nice.

Kristy said...

That turned out great. It is always fun to learn something new.

jamie hixon said...

That is the best business idea. I tried to teach a sewing class once, it was weird.