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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 228

We had one more fort night on Monday. Made homemade pizza and watched a movie (tradition) and then I took it down. I am always so sad to take it down. Is that weird? You think I would just keep it up, but I just feel like it wouldn't be special if I just left it up all the time. People do love it though. I love it. It also makes taking care of the fish tank a lot harder. Well... I will see it (build it) again in 6 months.

Saturday Allison and I crashed the Glenwood pool to lay out and swim. So much more low key and free compared to the Provo rec center. It was nice. Everyone is super young, but we still just act like we live there and do our thing. We even got invited to play volleyball. I need to go back regularly... maybe I will leave summer with a little bit of a tan. I will say that going tanning in the spring paid off... I haven't really gotten burnt this summer. At least that came out of it. Oh after we went to Sodalicious. I'm not a big soda person, but that place is seriously good. So refreshing after laying out in the hot sun too.

This last week as been busy, but good. I had another date with that guy on Saturday. We had a good time... still trying to see what is going on there. Not sure what he thinks and honestly I am not sure what I think either. Work has been busy. Monday I had the fort party. Tuesday I had the patio dinner party... which was perfect and I will blog about that later. I'm so glad I have all of these fun traditions. Wednesday was dinner and a movie with the girls. Tonight... I'm just working on the Peru video that I have been putting off. I wanted to finish it for John's birthday tomorrow. Hope he likes it. It will take me until late tonight, and might have to take it to work tomorrow... but it will be finished for his birthday gosh darn it! Staying busy...

We have also had some summer storms the last couple of nights. Kind of love it. Today when I got home from work, I changed in my bathing suit and was going to go lay out... but when I changed and went back outside the clouds covered the sky. So I just layer on my patio bench. There was a nice breeze and it was warm. It was actually really nice. I even fell asleep out there. Yep... took a little nap on my patio. Just getting use out of the beautiful space I created.

I have been on the search for new music. I mean... I always am.  I discovered American Young. I kind of love them. They are kind of countryish which I don't love... but they have that blue grass feel which I love. Any other suggestions for me? Throw them my way. I love music. Love Love Love!

Sunday night I was coming back from watering my neighbor's plants (I'm currently watering someone else's plants... must be my thing) and when passing by my neighbor Jed's house he popped out of the door to give me a hug and show me his set up in the basement. He then told me they were going to have a game night... which I hate game nights but he told me I had to go. Later he text me telling me to come over for game night THEN walked in our door to tell us and THEN pounded on the wall until we came over. I'm pretty sure that he was hyper all night. We played a few games of scum and kept asking me if I was having fun. Then they played some dice game while I went in the kitchen with a friend who was making brownies. Then everyone came in for the brownies. Were the brownies dishes out to everyone individually? Nope! He dumped a bunch of forks out on the counter and dumped some ice cream on top of the pan of brownies and told everyone to dig in and the entire pan of brownies was gone in a few minutes. Wow... I know. Then Jed got super excited and told me we were going to play sardines and that I was going to love it. I didn't see how that was going to work in a small townhouse. Anyway.. everyone heard Sardines and peaced out of there so fast. ha ha. So the only people that played were me, Allison, Jed and his roommates. Honestly I can't believe it would have been possible to play with any more people than that. We played 3 rounds. It was amazing that people could hide so well and i would take so long to find someone. It was actually a lot of fun. Surprisingly. Jed is a fun guy though. I'm glad we are neighbors. Anyway... another week in the life of Tracy.

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jamie hixon said...

Jed sounds pretty extroverted, just like you! :)

Sodalicious is yummy. At least the sip that I tried of yours.