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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Project Patio

I love having  an outdoor space to hang out. Especially during summer nights. I have always had a cute patio... or at least I try to. I feel like every year it gets better though. I keep finding ways to improve my little patio space. This year I feel like it is finally perfect.

A couple of years ago I added a couple of things to the patio that I thought were really cute. Still love them. One idea I got from Pinterest... planting in stacked cinder blocks. I didn't plan it this way, but I chose plants that not only look good in the cinder blocks but also come back every year.

The other idea I got from a girl I visit taught. She hung lattice on her fence (white) and hung plants on the lattice. I did the same thing except I didn't get white lattice on the white fence. I chose to get the wood lattice to match the steps up to the back door. Kind of have a wood, cement and cinder block theme going on. I also added a little side table and extra chair with a cute cushion I got from Pier 1. I also painted a couple of pots teal to bring some pops of color.

For the past couple of years, those changes to the patio satisfied me. However, this year... my bench swing got super trashed in the with some harsh wind. Plus going through all the weather changes for the past 5 years. It was now making my patio look trashy instead of cute like it used to. It was time ti get rid of it, as sad as that made me. My dad was a champ and came over and took it apart and took it away. With the help of Pinterest, I made some changes to the patio that I just love and completed my little patio. Not sure what I would do without Pinterest. Unlike many people... I actually do a lot of things that I pin on Pinterest. My dad of course helped me with cutting and putting together the wood. First idea I had was to cover the ugly AC unit. I bought some more lattice and had my dad cut it and make it into a box around the AC unit to match the lattice on the back fence. THEN we took away the big BBQ that didn't work and was just becoming a hornets nest and built the cutest patio bar (idea from Pinterest) out of pallets and stepping stones.

Then I needed another seating idea since I got rid of the bench swing. Plus I need to cover the ugly window well. If the patio is going to be a hang out place, it needs to have seating right?  So I got another awesome idea off of Pinterest that would match my patio perfectly (cinder blocks and wood) AND be able to endure the weather.

Doesn't look that cute. Until you add the cushions and the rug. I just loved these fun colors. This is what really completed the patio.

Then of course I had to buy more plants. Some come back and some don't. I did an herb box this year. I also can't have enough succulents. I LOVE succulents.

And there you have it! Project Patio is complete and I couldn't love it more. I love all of the color. I love that I didn't have to buy any expensive and fancy patio furniture to put together a cute and functional space to hang out in. AH! I really love it. Every time I come home and walk through the back... or at night when I'm watering my plants, I just think of how much I love my patio. Thanks to my parents for helping me. Anyone that wants to come hang out in it is welcome to.


Kristy said...

Cute! I like the rug.

William said...

Nice work Tracy! You have an eye for decorating :) Looks great.

jamie hixon said...

It looks awesome! Are you going to bring the pillows and rug inside when the snow hits?