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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 227

Fort week continues... into two weeks, as usual. This week there was more time spent in the fort. No parties, but one sleep over and a few low key movie nights.  Been watching random movies and odd documentaries on Netflix. Sometimes, for some reason... I'm in the mood for a documentary. Usually one involving odd behavior of people. There are a lot of them. I watch the documentary in hopes to understand the people better... but a lot of times, I still don't get it. Regardless, there is something about hanging out in the fort. It is so relaxing. I just love this tradition. I get a little faster at putting it up every year.

Monday was quarter end. It was busy... as usual, but thankfully it was not the late night for me, so I got to leave on time. It was also the last day with my CRAPPY old computer that I have been using since I starting working there 5 years ago and who knows who was using it for me. So now I have a newer computer... and it has Windows 7 on it instead of Windows xp. You wouldn't think that would make that big of a difference to change, but EVERYTHING looks different. That and I am starting fresh... so nothing that I have had set up on my old computer is there. All the links are gone and everything I'm used to is gone or different. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to have a computer that works better and faster. It will just take me a while to get used to the way everything looks and works now and it will take me a while to get everything back on my computer that I need. Thankfully I got the new computer when things are slow. That way I can get used to everything without stressing to get things done for people quickly. There is a new tech guy that was assigned to set up my computer. He has been working there for a week. Thank goodness he is super nice and patient and has pretty much been coming to my office every day to help me get things up and running since I don't know enough about computer or Windows 7 to figure it out on my own.

Speaking of my computer, I'm glad that I can watch stuff while I work. Like the World Cup. I have to admit that I haven't been keeping up with it as much as I would like, but I have been able to watch some games here in there. Like the USA game the other day. Sadly.... they lost. It is still fun to be able to watch while I'm at work too. The games are always on in the break room and some people who can't watch in their office like me take their lap tops and work in the break room in front of the tv. ha ha.

Saturday I went on a great date. It was actually our second date... the first date was almost a year ago, but then I went on vacation and by the time I got back he started dating someone and then shortly after I started dating someone. Well.... fate made our paths cross again and we went on another date and it was just as fun and great as the first. Sadly I feel like these types of dates are few and far between. Not that I don't date... but when you go on a date and have a lot of fun and feel like you actually mesh, not like you are just trying to make the best out of it. What is even more sad is when you have that type of great date that you actually get excited over, you have no control over a guy and what he thinks and if he will actually pursue you even though you KNOW you both had an awesome time. It's not like I want to jump into a relationship... but it would be nice to have more time to get to know someone. However, girls can't be the one to pursue a guy. It just doesn't work that way. And if you let the guy kiss you too early... it ruins everything. I HATE all of these rules of dating. Why can't a kiss just mean you have chemistry and had a great time and want to get to know each other more? Why is so much pressure put on dating? I have a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to dating. A lot of frustration to the point where I don't even see the point in ever getting excited about dating. People try and set me up with guys all the time but the guys never call. I go on a lot of dates, but most of the guys just want a little make out buddy and then never talk to you again. OR I go on an awesome date that actually has potential, but then have no idea when I will hear from him again. What is the point? Makes me want to throw in the towel.  Ok, my venting is over. Moving on...

Monday was the last day for the S'more Blizzard at DQ. It was a sad day for Allison and I. We love our S'more Blizzards and got many of them this last month. To be honest, it is probably a good thing that it is only a month, because we ate way too many of them. I really need to go on a cleanse or something. Get back on track with being strict about healthy eating. Gotta make a plan. It was a great month of S'more Blizzards though. DQ got that one right.

Tuesday my good friend Liz and I went out to dinner and caught up. I miss the days that we hung out more. She is such a good friend. However, I'm really happy that she found her match and is getting married this month. We will keep in touch. She is one of those friends that I don't worry about that. She is a solid friend and I always love catching up with her. Hopefully we get some pool time in before her big day. :)

After hanging out with Liz my friend Josh drove down from SLC to watch a movie with me in the fort. He loves fort week and always comes down. I miss hanging out with Josh. He is hilarious and I miss our karaoke days like crazy. I also miss him living in the neighborhood and always randomly stopping by. It was fun to have him over.

Another exciting thing happened this week, Allison and I purchased plane tickets for our trip. So I'm planning my next adventure and I couldn't be more excited. I live to travel. Seriously.

We went to Stake FHE on Monday. Mostly just because we heard that President Sandburg was going to be speaking and that guy is awesome. We tried to stick around after... but we just couldn't. Our stake activities are just too sad. Everyone is WAY too young. I feel like I shouldn't be there. We also went to my old Stake's Institute on Wednesday. World of difference in stakes. It was nice to go back there and see familiar faces and say hi to people. Really trying to branch out and make more friends. Meet new people. It really does take effort that I don't always feel like making. However, it is usually the better choice than just staying home and watching Netflix. .... Yep.

While at the Stake FHE, a couple of girls in my ward that I know, but don't know super well came up to me and told me they liked my Bachelorette video. They told me they found a link somewhere to the site and were going through all of the girls and came across mine and were all excited and said I had one of the best video's. I told them that was all RJ. Anyway... I had another guy come up to me and ask me something about it. It has gotten to the point where I haven't told people about it, but people know and are coming up to me and telling me they hope I get on. I don't know how popular that site is... sometimes I think it's awesome that I put myself out there like that and other times I am totally embarrassed. Maybe I feel that way because I don't feel like I have a chance of getting on. Oh well... over it.

I used my new cute tote bag when going to the pool this week. I seriously love it. It is comfy, cute and it fits a lot of things. It is perfect to take to the pool or beach or whatever. I love the leather pocket inside. Anyway... hopefully I will be getting a lot of use out of it. So proud that I made something so cute.

Speaking of the pool. Allison, Quinette and I went and laid out at the Provo Rec pool on Saturday for a couple of hours. I really think going tanning in the spring helped me because I didn't really get burned while I was in Peru... and I didn't put sunblock on when we went to the pool and again... I didn't really get burnt. I am going to say that is due to getting a base tan before going out in the summer sun. Just my luck... at the pool where it is big and lots of people are around and there are lots of places to go lay down... we were right next to my old roommate that hates me and no longer acknowledges my presence AND 5 feet away from us was Mr. Emotional Basket case! I don't know why it is my luck to continue to run into him in the most random places. At first we made eye contact as he was passing by me... but we didn't say anything to each other. I think he was with a girlfriend? I wonder if she is emotionally stable. Then they left and he forgot his shoes, so we knew it was only a matter of time before he came back to get them. Which he did and THAT is when he finally said hi and made awkward small talk. Every encounter with him is so weird and or awkward. Bless his heart. Despite the run ins... we had a great time soaking in the sun and chatting by the pool. Gotta love summer. Hopefully there is more of that to come. I really want to get somewhat tan this summer... if that is even possible. Either way. After Winter, I enjoy every minute of summer.


Logan said...

I read this yesterday and have been craving a Smore's blizzard ever since. As luck would have it, the DQ down the street was still carrying it! DELICIOUS!

Lori said...

Where are you going this time!?! So fun that you travel all over... come my way soon ;)Love you.

Megan English said...

I have to disagree with the whole "girls shouldn't pursue guys" thing. I think it's OK for a girl to put herself out there as long as she's not doing it in a way that makes her seem desperate, you know? I know a lot of guys that say they wish girls would pursue a little more-sometimes I think it's hard for certain guys to move forward if they aren't sure if there's interest from the girl. Anyway-just my humble opinion :) I'm glad you had a good date, and hope you get to go out with him again!

jamie hixon said...

I love your tote. I know I told you in person, but I am impressed!

They would be crazy not to pick you for the Mormon Bachelorette.

You are so great for always trying to make new friends AND keep all your old ones. I stink at both! Thank goodness for Facebook.