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Saturday, July 19, 2014


"Yes, I love technology, but not as much as you you see, but I still love technology... always and forever" - Napoleon Dynamite

Sometimes... a lot of times... I forget how lucky we are to have the technology that we have. I think we have gotten so used to it that we take it for granted... until your phone is broken or your internet starts working. Sure, there are bad things about technology also. The fact that we are completely dependent on it, we don't communicate as well without it, it can be a big time waster, so on and so forth. However... I like to think I have a good handle and balance with technology in my life. I'm here to talk about how awesome technology is and how blessed I feel to live in a technology advanced world.

The other day is when this all really hit me. My friends Allison, Quinette and I were all trying to figure out each others schedules so we could plan out the rest of our summer. So I said... no worries girls, I will make a shared google calendar that we can all add to and see each other's schedules. Done.

Allison and I are planning a trip. We went online to look and buy plane tickets (me at work, her at home). Did people ever actually go to travel agencies to plan and buy trips or is that just in the movies? Anyway... it wasn't working, so Allison called and bought both of our tickets. I now owe Allison money.

I don't like owing people money, so I need to pay her back ASAP. I don't want to write her a check. I mean... who knows when she is going to make it to the bank and that is a lot of money that I am not sure when it is just going to disappear out of my account. Nobody gives cash like that. Plus... I don't want to go to the bank either. Solution? App on my phone called Venmo. We both have it. I just look up Allison in my contact list and then type in the amount I owe her and press send. I know longer owe Allison money... at the click of a button. We start to plan our trip with a shared board on Pinterest. This is the fun part.

I also decide I want to throw a dinner party while Allison and I are sitting there. I want to try new recipe's. I go to Pinterest and find new recipe's for the entire meal. Now when should I do it? Check the shared calendar to see when we are all available. Check the weather for the day to make sure we are not going to be having any summer storms that night. Now it's time to invite friends. I get on facebook and send out a group message inviting people to the party. They all reply within the hour. I look at the recipes to see what I need to buy. I add those items to my shopping list app on my phone. Everyone comes. We have a great time. Music is provided at the dinner table by Pandora on the phone. We take pictures with our phone to document the event. We share some of those pictures with our family and friends on Instagram. All at the touch of a button on our small phone that we can carry in our pocket.

I'm at church. I forget to bring my scriptures. In fact... I don't want to carry that heavy book around anymore. No worries... it's all on my phone So is the Ensign... and all of the lessons... and the hymns in case you don't have a hymn book. Also... if you are wondering who the executive secretary is or how to get in touch in so in so... there is a ward and stake directory where you can look all of that up. All at the touch of a button on a small device you carry around with you anyway.

I'm meeting up with a friend. They want me to meet them at a place I have never been before. I put the address in my GPS on my phone.... I get there no problem. No getting lost (which is what used to happen to me... all the time).

 I am wanting to meet new guys. I want to go on some dates. I hop on Tinder... match with some guys and have dates in no time.

I'm wanting to work on my health. I get My Fitness Pal app on my phone. It keeps track of my calorie intake and how many calories I can eat for the rest of the day. Then I go for a run and turn on map my run that tracks my route and tells me how many miles I have run. There are many more... those are just the two I have used.

Alarm = phone. Not only is it my alarm. It also tracks my sleep cycle and the alarm goes off when I am in the lightest sleep and wakes me up gently.

Bored while you are waiting for an appointment or on the plane? Play a game of solitaire, Sudoku or Angry Birds on your phone or watch something on Netflix.

Remember when people left the country or moved away for long periods of time and you had to write letters? That was the way to keep in touch. It was the only way. Now... well, John left for South America. Instead of see you in 5 months or maybe we can try and write letters (which we wouldn't have been able to do because he isn't at one address) we have WhatsApp to send pictures and text and sometimes even video. We were able to keep in touch to plan what was going to happen when I met up with him in Peru. Then there is Skype and Facetime so you can see each other face to face. It's the best thing when someone is so far away. Like my Facetime call with my mom on mothers day when I was in Peru. I also wanted to brush up on some Spanish before I went so I would kind of know what was going on when I got there (not that it helped) so I got Duolingo to help teach me.

This is just a very small list of the possibilities, that I have used. There is so much more out there. It amazes me. I love that it all makes my life easier and more convenient. That is all.


Lynette Mills said...

Yep, it's pretty amazing!

jamie hixon said...

That is pretty amazing. I feel like that could be worked into some stand-up comedy. We truly are blessed with technology.