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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 229

So as you have heard me talk about, I applied to be the next Mormon Bachelorette. Although I found out that there is going to be more than one this season. SO many girls applied that they are choosing 3. I don't think that up's my chances that much more... but if you have not done so already and you have a Facebook account... please like, comment or share (or all three) my photo on Facebook. Click on the link below.


I don't look at my competition because I don't want to compare myself and feel stupid or sad that I am not as pretty or popular as the other girls. I know I have major competition and have never really expected to get on. At the same time, you never know until you try. Also I have been incredibly surprised how much love and support I have received today from people about this entire thing. Even my friends that are not Mormon. That in and of itself was worth it. It is nice to know that people love and support me. At this point it is really just a popularity contest on Facebook for every girl that applied. Because of this I'm not really sure why I had to have 2 Skype interviews and go to the casting call... but oh well. All part of the experience. It is scary to put yourself out there in such a public way.... a part of me feels awesome about it. No fear... nothing to lose. Another part of me feel foolish and slightly embarrassed about it.... like I'm so desperate to find love. Whatever the outcome, I am thankful for the love and support from my family and friends (it has meant a lot to me) and I hope that something good comes from it.

I could use a little something good... because I keep going out on these dates.... dates that are great and then all of the sudden it's not. The guys are sweet and then the next day turn into jerks. Maybe I just attract jerks. I don't feel like I'm the type of girl that would attract jerks... but maybe I am. I'm tired of it. I always want to throw in the towel and give up... but I can't. I keep going on dates in opes that one day I will find a good one. I feel like I deserve a guy that feels lucky to be with me. A guy that respects me. Can't wait to see me. A guy that is going to make me feel special. It has been a while since a guy has made me feel special.

I finally went to the food truck roundup tonight. They have it every Thursday night in Provo across from the Front Runner. I will blog more about it later. I will say that it was a little crowded and there were so many trucks, and I have a hard time making decisions. I will just have to go back and try more. What I had was great... but I can't say that it was a great first date.... at least I thought. At least it was good food. I can't wait to go back and try other trucks. So fun that they have that here in Provo. There are a lot of cool and unique things that Provo has that I appreciate. Always discovering new things. Provo keeps me on my toes.

Work is great. Getting used to my computer now. I have become good friends with the IT guy because he has come to help me so much. He is fun and new at Novell so he is still excited about his job I think. My work stalker has been leaving me alone lately which I am thankful for. I talked to another lady at work and she said he stalked her as well, but it was worse. So I guess I had it good. She even talked to HR about him. Yikes. Also today for work we had ice cream for lunch, but not just anywhere... in my co-workers parents basement... which has an ice cream parlor. It was pretty rad. I will blog more about that later as well. Tomorrow we are seeing our after quarter end movie. One of my favorite times of year at work. :)

I have been trying to lay out still... trying to get a tan. I have some color, but a long way to go before I can call myself tan. Still crashing the Glenwood pool. I'm cool like that. I like to hang out by the pool with 20 year olds.

My sister Jamie and her family left on Wednesday, so I went to go hang out with her one last time on Tuesday night. I always enjoy spending time with my family. I wish that I got to spend more time with Jamie and her family and Lori and her family. Wish we were all closer, but I guess it makes you appreciate the times you do spend together that much more. Love my family.

I guess that is all for my week. I really need more friends. Friends that will do stuff with me. Either that or I just need to start going on hikes and going places by myself. I'll work on that. OH! I forgot. I also took Ellis to the fish store with me since he is now interested in the salt water tank world. He helped me catch my big mean tomato clown fish... and I took it to the fish store and exchanged him. I was going to exchange both of them, but I couldn't catch the smaller one. I will work on him next. Anyway... I exchanged him for this awesome fish that I have had my eye on for a while every time I go to the fish store. They gave me a smaller one so that he can grow up in my tank. I think he is super rad. I named him Michael Jackson.... you know... because he's black and white.


Lynette Mills said...

Before you go on a hike by yourself, call me! I'll go with you. I just don't want to cramp your style ... You know!

jamie hixon said...

Michael Jackson! Ha! Perfect.

It was so fun to hang out with you. You are so awesome. Seriously, I am missing you and the UT fam. I really do want to go on a trip with you next year. I will not flake because it is one of your commandments.

The ice-cream parlor in the basement sounds amazing. So do the food trucks.

I know how you must feel about the whole MB thing, but you are awesome weather you get it or not. And you have the best video.