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Sunday, February 8, 2015


I just have to do a personal shout out to Brock. Who is Brock? He is my BFF Tech guy at work. He is seriously the coolest and can fix anything I have asked him to fix weather is for work or not. Not only did he set me up with a new computer and new monsters at work... but he also was helping me look for cars when I was looking, tried to help me fix my lava lamp when it was broken and pretty much anything I ask him he is there to assist me. It's awesome. He also has become a good friend.

This shout out though... is because he just fixed my laptop. Seriously... he is the only person so far that I know that knows how to fix Apple stuff. He has also helped me with stuff with me phone. I was unsure about asking him for help at first because it is my personal computer and not a work computer and wasn't sure if he could work on it at work... but he jumped at the opportunity to help me. He helped me look up online what hard drive I would need to replace my corrupt one, while I was at it also helped me look up what battery I would need since my old one wasn't holding a charge very long. I ordered both things, they came very quickly and I brought everything into work and he took my computer for a day and a half and brought it back like it was a new computer. He took the old battery and hard drive out, wiped the computer clean, reinstalled everything, upgraded to Yosemite, transferred all of my files back on and even made sure my movie that I had been working on in iMovie was working and would import the video I was trying to get in there. If that wasn't enough... he also cleaned my entire computer inside and out so that it is literally like a new computer. How amazing is he?

Next he told me I should get some RAM if I wanted things to run faster. So I ordered that and he will install that next. Isn't he amazing? I told him that I would make him a Chocolate Haupia Pie (my favorite) which he is very excited about. Not that that even equals the amount of money he saved me by doing this for me. Total with the RAM I will have spent around $200 on those 3 things that he installed to make my computer run like new. If I would have taken it in to Apple to fix it (which I would have if it weren't for Brock)... it would have cost me $200 for parts plus $400 for labor. Which at that point you almost might as well get a new computer... which would be around $1,200 or more.

So THANK YOU BROCK! Thanks for fixing my 5 year old computer and making it like new and for doing it for free. You saved me a lot of money and a lot of frustration. Seriously... I owe you way more than a Chocolate Haupia Pie... but that will have to do for now.


Lynette Mills said...

So happy you got that help. Not many people will do that kind of thing for others.

jamie hixon said...

So great! My computer is kind of dying, and Dan just wants to buy me a new gold laptop. Gold. Yes, they make those now.