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Monday, February 16, 2015

Italy & Greece Video

My computer kind of broke RIGHT before I was going to finish this video. Poor Allison had been waiting very patiently for this video to be done. Well... it is finally done and I showed it to her first before I put it out on the web for everyone else to see. She loved it... in which I am glad. It's hard not to love something you are in... but I felt like we did a good job capturing the trip... the good, the bad and the hilarious. For your viewing pleasure... here you go.


Megan English said...

Hahaha. "We thought it was dead, but all of the sudden, the SOB was resurrected." Best line of the video. Looks like it was so much fun!!

jamie hixon said...

You look and smell like homeless people... with eyelash extensions. :)

Ezra and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. That go pro lens is a trip though.
Two things:
I laughed at how unamused you looked at the gondola singer.
Who was filming you while you slept on the ground?