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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tomas's Baptism

Today was a special Valentines Day. Why? I attended a baptism this morning. For who? My sister-in-law's brother, Tomas.

Tomas moved to Utah a few months ago and since then he has been coming to my parents house for Sunday dinner pretty much every Sunday. I have gotten to know him a little bit more and he is just the nicest guy and so friendly and easy going. I knew that he had moved to Utah to make some changes in his life and when he first moved here... he wasn't super interested in the church. It has been really neat to watch his interest change while he has been here. At first he didn't care to go to church. Then he started going to Chad and Clara... then he started going to his own singles ward in his area.

I honestly didn't even know he was talking with the missionaries... until this last Sunday. My brother asked me what I was doing for Valentines Day and invited me to go to Tomas's baptism. It was a quick thing. He felt good about it and said... let's do this this weekend! He asked me if I would come... and of course I would be there. I thought it was amazing with how last minute the baptism was ... how great of a turn out he got.

The Baptism was so great. Clara gave the talk on Baptism and it was so sweet to see her get so emotional with how happy and excited she was for her brother to join the church. I don't blame her. When you know families are eternal and you can be sealed together to be with each other always... it's exciting to have another family member on board. I also loved seeing my little brother baptize him.... and all of the little kids gathered around to witness this exciting event. My brother has turned into such a fine young man. He is a great husband and father and provider for their home and cares so much for our family and being there for us and it makes me happy to see that he is doing so well and has a strong testimony and it living his life just the way he should. He is a good man. I love him. Tomas is such a sweetheart and I'm so proud of him and the changes he has made and the decisions he has made and I think it is awesome that he is just another part of our family.

What a special day. Congrats Tomas!

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jamie hixon said...

When I saw that he was baptized on Facebook it was so surprising, in the best way. They look so happy! And I agree, Chad is a stud.