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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 258

I got my tax return money already. Wasn't that fast? I love that. I also bought my plane ticket to my next trip, but I found a great deal on it, so I still have plenty of money left to go towards my car and other things. So excited.

I finished Parenthood... at least what is on Netflix. I loved it. Now I need to decide what to watch next. Some other shows that I have watched on Netflix are already gone, so it makes me feel like I have to hurry up and watch all of these shows on my list before it's too late. ha ha. Pathetic I know. Who cares.

Monday we had to go to a meeting at work. Novell was bought by Attachmate a few years ago... now Attachmate has been bought by Micro Focus (In England) and that is what the meeting was about. It latest 2 hours and it was about the changes that need to be made to keep the business going. Some of the things that were talked about... there will be a bunch more lay off's in April. Should I be worried? Who knows. Pattern over the years shows that my job is pretty secure, but I guess you never know. I'm not worrying too much about it. I don't think there will be as many lay off's this time as when Attachmate first took over. The other change that is happening is that I have to move offices again. That is what happened when Attachment took over as well. Although it was a great change... I moved to the 4th floor and got a Window office. This time I am moving to a window office on the 8th floor... which would be fine it that weren't temporary. We are moving on Tuesday and will be there probably up to 6 months. We have to move all of our files up there and everything. Then they will be doing construction on the 4th floor and when they are done in the summer... we will move back, but not into an office. I will be moving into a cubical. When I found this out... and found out how soon it was going to happen, I was MAD! Seriously... I have had my own office since I started working there 6 years ago and honestly it was one of the things I loved about my job. I love having my space. I feel more productive. I feel like I am getting demoted. I guess I will just try and appreciate my office for as long as I have it... but I am not excited about moving twice and I'm REALLY not excited about being in a cubical. Ugh. That was the worst part of my week. That and boxing up the contracts with nobody helping me. That was fun.

I had another guy that found me on Facebook and started chatting with me and wanted to take me out but it never ended up happening contact me again this last week... only this time in the middle of our chatting he told me he had a girlfriend. I asked him why he was talking to me then? Obviously he was interested in me before... we were not ever friends, so isn't it inappropriate to be talking to girls that you are interested in now that you have a girlfriend? I don't get it. Guys do this to me and I wonder what is going through their head when they decide to contact me.

Let's see, what else. I watched the Bachelor on a projector with 3 guys on Tuesday. That was entertaining. I guess girls are not the only ones that are into it. Guys like the drama too.

The loan for the car is sorted out and I started making payments... but I'm still mad how it all went down and I am going to call the corporate office to see if they will care about me and what happened since the dealership did not. They pretty much screwed me over. Thanks a lot Young Chevrolet! I will never buy a car from you again nor would I recommend ANYONE go to you. I thought my experience at the Mazda dealership was bad... now I can't decide which one was worse. I don't think I will have do a big purchase like that again without a male with me... if I'm not married by the time I make my next big purchase, then I will have my dad come with me... because obviously they don't respect young women.

There is a new Amish Market right down the street from where I live. I'm really excited about it. A lot more excited than I was about the doors and locks business that was there before that. This market has a bunch of awesome stuff. My roommates and I went on Saturday and I bought a few things, but there are so many things that I want to go back for and try. So far... I bought Mango Salsa, Peach Salsa and a Cinnamon Peach Syrup. I haven't tried the Peach Salsa yet... but the other two are so good. I have been putting the mango salsa on my salmon and avocado spinach salad. YUM!!! It is soon good. I love it. So excited to have that market with great stuff so close that I can walk to it.

I went on two dates this week. Both were.... interesting. In different ways. One was a total tool that I'm pretty sure was either on drugs or his brain is permanently damaged from his past drug use. The other guy was soooooo sweet. It was just so awkward and conversation didn't flow the way I wanted it to and yeah... I just want it to feel natural and be easy. Anyway... I won't be going out with either one of them again.

So happy that my computer is better than normal. Brock is going to make it even better! If that is even more possible. I ordered RAM and it has come... so I just need Brock to Install it. Now My computer will run super fast even with multiple programs open at the same time. So excited. I love that I feel like I got a new computer without having to get a new computer.

I guess that is it for my week. It is still super warm. I wonder if it will be warm enough for me to start tanning before my trip. I feel like I should get a base tan again before my trip like I did last year so that I don't burn big time. I would love to do that without going to a tanning bed though. I didn't love that experience except for the fact that it really did help me not burn last summer. It is also warm enough that I should start running outside. Let's see if I can get motivated enough to do that. It has been a while since I have run outside... which is totally different than running on a treadmill. We shall see... but I am loving the warm weather and I feel like I should be taking advantage of it more.

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jamie hixon said...

-The Amish market sounds fun.
-You will have to decorate your cubical REALLY cute, that sucks that you are having to move to a smaller less cool space... maybe it will remind you of the Far West days. :) At least it is a step up from that.
- Guys can be the worst. I'm still praying you find one that is the best.