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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Introducing Baby Benjamin & Baby Becky

Within the last few months... two of my best friends (Brad and Steve) added a baby to their cute families. Even though I don't see the boys as much as I used to (I think back to the days where we used to spend every day together) I still consider these boys to be some of my best friends. They will always be like family to me. So when they have a baby... it's ALMOST like adding another niece or nephew to me. I love their kids. No exception for these two little cuties. I have been excited and waiting to meet these two babies and so happy and excited that I finally did.

Meet Baby Benjamin, Brad & Lauren's 2nd born. I think he looks like a mini Brad. What a cutie!

meet Baby Becky, Steve & Steph's 1st born. ADORABLE!

I didn't get to hold baby Benjamin, but I did get to hold Baby Becky and I loved every minute of it. I rocked her to sleep and was in baby heaven.

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jamie hixon said...

Adorable! Almost makes me want to have another baby. Almost. Because, you know, I kind of have an eternal baby already.