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Friday, February 20, 2015

Slate Canyon's Got Talent

Tonight was the ward Talent Show that Ian and I put on with some help from our committee. I didn't think anyone would come because half of the acts cancelled, but people came and everyone had a good time. We had Mike MC and he was awesome. My idea for the talent show was having interactive quizzes in-between acts and the results would show up on the screen on the projector. I think everyone really loved that. Anyway... there was food, there was laughter and we were entertained. I usually love performing in Talent Show's... but putting it on, I had no desire to perform in it. I did put my little touch on decorating. It was simple, but added a little something to make it a personal touch. Brother Earnshaw was amazing and let us use the State Hospital and helped us set up and clean up. He is so helpful helping us put on activities and never questions what I want him to do... he just does it. Anyway... I guess although I was disappointed by the lack of participation in the talent show, we did have variety in the acts and it was still a success because everyone had a good time.  Until the next ward activity.

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jamie hixon said...

Fun! I like the stars on the curtains.