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Saturday, February 7, 2015

L-O-V-E That Spells Family

Words can not express how much I love this group of people... my family.

I'm glad I was put into this family and that I get to be with them forever. I even lucked out with amazing in-laws and the cutest, smartest and funniest nieces and nephews.

I love them because they love me despite my imperfections. I love them because they are always there for me no matter what and I can always count on them. I love them because I can confide in them and I know they will support me and be on my side. They share in my excitement when things are going well and they let me cry to them and sometimes cry with me in life's trials. I love them for all of the different talents that we all have that help us help and be there for each other. I love that everyone is so willing to help and be there for each other. I love them for their example to me... their example of righteousness, their example of loving marriages that are not easy, but in working together how great it can be. Example of being great parents and raising great kids. I love my family for having a home where everyone is welcomed and not judged. I love that we have very little drama. I love that we can get together weekly (the ones that are all in Utah) and always enjoy each others company.

I couldn't be more proud. Proud to be part of such an amazing family. I am who I am because of them. I would do anything for any of them. Did I mention what a good looking bunch they are too? I Love them all.


Lori said...

What a very sweet post Tracy. Thank you & I love you too! :)

Lynette Mills said...

The best family ... Thanks

jamie hixon said...

Mom is in the middle of saying "Heeey!" or something. :) Thanks for the kind words, Trace. I love you!