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Friday, February 6, 2015

Kitchen Addition

I have added a couple of things to my kitchen that I am pretty excited about.

The kitchen has always been kind of a European cafe inspired kind of look and feel to it (even though when I started that I had never been to Europe). When Allison and I decided to go to Italy and Greece, I knew I wanted to get a cool picture of an outdoor cafe to blow up on canvas and hang in the kitchen. The entire trip I had this in mine and took many pictures of many cafe's. I never got one of exactly what I was expecting or looking for. However... I was happy enough with how one of them turned out to blow up and hang in the kitchen. I also feel like it happens to match the colors of the kitchen well. So... I'm happy with it.

The other thing I added to the kitchen.... I have been wanting to add to the kitchen for a while. I just put it off because I kept having roommates that had one and they are kind of expensive... but when Penny moved out I decided I was finally going to do it. I bought a Kitchen Aid! It's beautiful and I love it. I almost got a red one because it matches my kitchen... however, I may not always have a red decorated kitchen, but I know I am always going to have my Kitchen Aid, so I went with silver. I love it and I know I will get so much use out of it over the years. I love my kitchen. I think the only thing that would make me love it more is if I could stain or paint the cabinets a different color and I could get a new light fixture for the dining room. Ok... maybe I would change a few things, but decoration wise... I love it.


William said...

Love the picture and congratulations on the kitchen aid! I know you will use it tons... I LOVE mine :)

Lynette Mills said...

It has a glass bowl! I like it.

jamie hixon said...

Nice! I've never seen the glass bowl, but it looks nice. Mine is white with a silver bowl, and we got it as a gift... but I'm sure glad I have it! Congrats. ;)