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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rooftop Concert

They have these rooftop concerts in Provo the first Friday of every month in the summer. I had heard of it, but had never been until last night. I was happy I went for several reasons. #1- it was the last rooftop concert for this year. #2- The weather was perfect. It was a great evening to spend outside listening to great music. #3 - It's free! #4 - I didn't have any other plans, so it was a nice little outing with some people in my ward.

I think it is such a brilliant idea. Great space to fit a lot of people. Enjoy the weather and good music. It has a great view of Provo... oh and I love all of the hanging lanterns.

Last night the main performance most people went to see was Ryan Innes. He was on the show "The Voice". He is great. There was also a girl that performed that was on "The Sing Off" I believe. It was a great show.

I loved it. Not sure why I have never been before, but I for sure think it needs to happen every summer. ESPECIALLY since it is free. :) I love summer. I'm sure going to miss it. Here are some of the friends I went with.

Some bonding time with my new roommate MacKenzie!


flux biota. said...

Provo is so pretty. I like seeing big, neighborhood activities in places like that.

Perhaps I'll go back one day.

Tracy said...

If you do... you can stay with me. :)

jamie hixon said...

Free stuff is the best. Followed closely by cheap stuff. :)