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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 305

Our Brazil video is continuing to do well. We now have over 1,000 views on Youtube. Pretty fun. I'm glad because I'm proud of our video and I seriously love it. I never get sick of watching it. I wonder if I could ever pull something off like that without Stacey. I feel like he is a lot of the reason it is so good.

Slowly I am replacing what I had stolen on my trip. First I got my debit and credit card (thank goodness). Turns out I had to go into the DMV and get a new picture for a new license which stinks because I had just BARELY renewed it online and they had just sent me a new one. I am still waiting for that to come in the mail. I paid for a new scuba certification card and to have all of my info on the PADI app on my phone so that I wouldn't necessarily need to bring my card on future trips. Guess how much that cost me in total. $50!! Can you believe that? I feel like I got robbed all over again. Getting a new drivers license was only $18. Geez. I got my new scuba card already.... just waiting on my drivers license now. My wallet feels so naked without it. At least I have a temporary one right now though in case anything happened.

I'm trying to sell my chaise lounge online. I wish I were having the same luck I had when selling other things. I have it listed on KSL, Craigslist and like 3 different yard sale groups on Facebook. So far I had one person on one of the yardsale groups say they were interested, but then nothing... and then I have had like 3 different scammers trying to scam me out of my money. Jerks. I got that when I was selling my car in KSL too. People must fall for it if people keep doing it. It just bugs me because I get my hopes up and then realize it's a scammer and then am all disappointed. Hopefully I can sell it soon so that I can buy new furniture. I'm ready.

When I got home from Brazil, there were a bunch of Christmas cards on refrigerator. One of them I looked at and thought... hey, I know them. She was this girl that was best friends with Dave when I dated Dave so I hung out with her and her fiancĂ© at the time a couple of times, we even had Thanksgiving pie at their house Thanksgiving night in 2012 after having Thanksgiving dinner at my house. Turns out it is my roommates sister. Had NO idea. Small world huh? 

Still watching Felicity. I'm loving it. I'm trying to figure out which guy she is going to end up with. I love silly drama's. I am almost done with this show and then I have no idea what I will watch next. Maybe season 4 of New Girl since that is FINALLY on Netflix now. That wouldn't take me long to get through though because each episode is only 20 minutes. I will find something, there is so much out there to choose from.

So I was contacted by a modeling agency again. I mean... it has only happened one other time like 10 years ago by another agency... but I don't know if this is a normal thing or not. This time I was contacted by someone I didn't know but that I had mutual friends with on Facebook. She herself was a model for this agency and told me a had a great look and if I would ever consider modeling. She got my number and the agency called me a couple of days later. I am always so skeptical because I don't feel like I am modeling material. I wonder sometimes if it is a scam, if they contact a lot of people and try to get them to come in so they can get money from making portfolios and going to classes but really they would never get any work. I don't know. I went in to see what it was about and felt so out of place. I felt like they were real with me though. I told them I needed to lose a bunch of weight and then I would think about it. Is this normal? Do a lot of people get contacted by modeling agencies? I mean... this has happened to me twice now, which makes me think it is either a scam or that I should maybe consider it. I don't know.

Speaking of needing to lose weight, you know who is not helping me do that? Sodalicious. If I didn't love them enough already... they came out with Nutella frosting that they will put on any cookie of your choosing. Stacey is the one that told me about it, so we went in on Saturday and we got two cookies to share and try the Nutella Frosting on. One was a sugar cookie and the other was a peanut butter cookie. They were both good, but I liked it on the sugar cookie better. I just love those sugar cookies though. UGH!!! I need to stop. I love hate you Sodalicious :)

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jamie hixon said...

Nutella on cookies! I'm so glad I hate baking and am nowhere near a Sodalicious. But now that thought is in my head.... dang it.
Um, no. It is not normal to be contacted by modeling agencies. But I'm not surprised you have been (twice!). You are crazy photogenic no matter what you weigh. You always look good in every picture! It makes me so jealous. I have probably taken like 5 pictures of myself in the past ten years. There is a reason for that. I'm not photogenic. I'm like, the exact opposite of that.
Sounds like I have to check out Felicity. I've been watching new episodes of When Calls the Heart on Netflix... so cheesy. (But I still need to watch.)
Your Brazil video is AWESOME. I've told you before, and it is still true. For REAL.