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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Frozen Bridal Veil Falls

My friend Kyle, the guy that I met during the first music video I did for my friend RJ (Shake it Off - Disney Style) back in Spring, is a photographer. We have kept up on each other since that video via Instagram. I made a comment on one of his pictures on Instagram and he commented back saying how much he loved all of my pictures and wanted to go on a shoot with me. So we set it up and decided to go take pictures at Bridal Veil Falls. 

I have been to these falls many times since you can see it from the road and pretty much drive up to it, however, I had never seen it up close during the Winter. I thought that would be a cool place to take pictures because waterfalls look pretty rad when they are frozen. So we went and Kyle brought a couple of friends which in later discussion I brought up that I was from Santa Barbara and they both served their missions there... they were companions and that is how they met and I believe that one of them maybe knows my sister Lori. Side note, sorry... I just love how small the world is especially when you are Mormon. 

Kyle asked me to model for him. I'm not feeling so much like a model these days (not that I ever really feel like a model) because I need to lose weight so bad, but I agreed to do it. I will post those pictures once he is done editing them, but for now, here are a few pics I took with my phone of the half Frozen waterfall. It was pretty rad and super beautiful. Getting up there was a little bit of an adventure as well since we didn't have snowshoes. It was quite slippery and the closer we got to the waterfall, the more icy it became and I was afraid to move in fear that I was slip down the steep waterfall to my death. Thank goodness I had 3 guys there to help me not fall... and I only ended up slipping and falling once. I would call that a success. We had a good time and I hope that at least one of the pictures Kyle took of me turned out well. Otherwise he will be too embarrassed to add me to his portfolio. Anyway... isn't this waterfall pretty? It was a pretty big hit on Instagram. 


Aaron Vasquez said...

will you please email me aaronvasquez8479@gmail.com im interested in your great photography

jamie hixon said...

Dang that last picture of the waterfall takes my breath away! And the picture with you and the two guys? You look devastatingly gorgeous!