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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Perfect Man

Since I was gone for my birthday and Christmas, Lolly sent my presents late (which was perfect) she text me asking me if I had gotten it yet the other day and told me that her 9 year old daughter picked out a Valentine for me... so they threw that in the package as well. I thought... how sweet that her daughter thought of me in the store and picked out a Valentine for me.

The package came and I unwrapped the Valentine. I laughed. Lolly wrote a note with my card that said she picked it out because it reminded her of my friend Stacey (she saw our Brazil video). I naturally took a picture and sent it to Stacey and he said that he had gotten the same thing from someone he was dating years ago. Ha! I just love that a 9 year old girl picked it out for me. Thanks Ava.

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jamie hixon said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS!! The funniest part is that he got the exact same valentine. HA!!