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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Utah Dining - Take 5

It has been a while since I have done a Utah Dining post where I post reviews on new places that I have eaten at around town. In fact... I think it has been over a year. Yikes. Not sure what happened. Over that time I did however try some new places and whenever I do, I try to remember to take a picture of a future Utah Dining post which I am NOW doing. :)

Where to start.... let's start with;

Penny Anne's Cafe - Draper

Known for the best Hot Cakes. I had them and they were amazing and HUGE. If you are looking for a delicious BIG breakfast and are in the Draper area or don't mind a drive there, I recommend it. Saturday mornings are packed and you will have to wait in line... but that is how you KNOW it's good!

CupBop - Provo (store & Food Truck)

The first time I tried CupBop was from the food truck round up, but I have also gone to their little stand by BYU. First time I tried it I fell in love. It is the most delicious Korean BBQ.  SO good! I have eaten there several times and plan on eating there many more times.

Sushi Burrito - Provo (this might be a chain in Utah, but I'm not positive, if so I don't know where else it is)

This place is actually super close to my house. I don't know why I didn't notice it for so long, but when I finally did I thought, hey... I LOVE sushi, what the heck is a Sushi burrito? Only one way to find out. I went to try it and I'm not going to lie... it was pretty great. It's just like eating sushi except without chopsticks and you can hold it without it coming apart. Talking about this makes me want to go get another one.

Art City Donuts - Food Truck

I have yet to try donuts that are better than these. These are so amazing! I am so glad they are a food truck and not an actual store so I can't just go get them whenever I want. They are a bunch of soft, warm, delicious donut holes and then they put toppings on them. First time I tried them, I had their seasonal pumpkin donuts with cream cheese frosting on them. YUM!!! This last time I went I got Muddy Buddy which was plain donut holes but then was topped with peanut putter and chocolate. SO GOOD. I have to stop writing about them because it is just making me want them.

Stocks BBQ - Food Truck

While we are talking about Food Trucks... I have only tried this one once, got some BBQ Nachos...w which I love BBQ and I love Nachos, so I'm not too hard to please. I thought they were good. Am I craving just to go back and get more? Not really. It was good, not amazing. That being said, I haven't tried anything else there. Maybe this summer when the Food Truck Roundup is back in full force.

Bam Bams BBQ - Orem

Speaking of my love for BBQ and Nachos... I had some here and they were awesome. The brisket is pretty darn tastey. They people that work there are pretty awesome too, so my experience here was a good one and I would go back.

Porcupine Pub & Grille - Salt Lake City

So now that I am writing this post and posting all of my reviews, I realized that I love Nachos more than I thought I did. Ha! However... The Porcupine is KNOWN for their nachos and theirs are the best hands down. They do them right! I occasionally crave their nachos. I have been there twice now and I got them both times and they don't disappoint. One of the many things I love about their nachos is that they layer all the good stuff between the nachos instead of just on top, so every bite you are getting everything. SO GOOD! If you are ever near Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon, head to the Porcupine Pub & Grille.

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jamie hixon said...

Ok, it is 6:39am and I am officially hungry for every blasted thing you posted. Thanks. ;)

Oh, and The Porcupine is the best name for a "Pub and Grille" that I have ever heard.

Also, I think I had CupBop when we went to the Provo food truck roundup. It was Yummy. (I almost said "YumBop" but then I thought you might think I was on drugs.)