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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Betta Fish

So I have talked a lot about how my cousins are the best right? Well... I do that because they really are.

My cousin Dave, he is the one I text when my betta fish (Purple Rain) died and we had a fish funeral via text. When Trav was in town, they both tried to shop for a new fish for me but couldn't find one because Walmart stopped carrying them. Then Dave decided I deserved better than a Walmart Betta Fish (even though that is where I bought Purple Rain 5 years ago). So what did he do? He started shopping online for Betta Fish breeders and found one in Bangkok Thailand and bought 2 from him and had them shipped. I got first pick, and then he was going to keep the other one. I had mine all picked out, they arrived while I was in Brazil... but they arrived dead. :(  I was super bummed. I always wondered how they shipped fish and had them survive.

So when I got back from Brazil, Dave went on a quest to find me a new Betta fish. He found a breeder in Utah and bought a baby Betta for me. So I will have even more years with it because it is a young fish. I LOVE him!! He is beautiful. I of course trusted Dave to pick out an awesome fish, and he did NOT disappoint.

I wanted to get a pic with Dave, but he had his mom take the fish to Grandmas and I picked it up from there. I owe him Sodalicious though. I told him he had to name it... he named him Lunar because he is a half moon betta... whatever that means. I don't know if I love the name though. It doesn't really roll off the tongue. Any suggestions for this guy? I will probably just ask Dave to think of another name, but I like to hear other suggestions. Anyway...

Thank you Dave!! You are the best. I love my new Betta and I love you!!


Lynette Mills said...

Pretty little guy

jamie hixon said...

That last picture reminds me of a flower, like an iris or orchid or something. You probably already named him, but maybe you should name it after a song like your last one. Lunar... maybe renamed as "Blue Moon" or something?