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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 308

This week has kind of been a blur. I'm trying to remember everything that even happened....

Well... I watch Netflix all day while I work, so lets start there. I got all caught up on The Mindy Project, so I started Brooklyn Nine Nine. It's another comedy show that is 20 minutes an episode so I'm sure it won't take me long to get through it.

I have continued to be consistent with the gym. Well... this week won't be the best because I got to work late on Monday so I had to work through my lunch and I couldn't go today or tomorrow because of the yurt trip (will blog about later) so I only went Tuesday and Wednesday. The yurt trip requires snow shoeing so I will still be getting exercise those days. Wednesday my gym BFF Jeannie came back to sub for sports conditioning, so I went to that and it kicked my butt. Kristi, the girl that runs the gym at work told me she would challenge me to 10,000 steps a day starting Monday so that I am getting more walking in everyday. It works for me to be accountable to someone everyday... so this will be good. She is so great to do whatever I need to keep me motivated!

I felt like I was starting to get sick over the weekend, so I slept a lot. Which was good, but because I stopped myself from getting sick. Thankful for that!

My roommates and I are not only watching The Bachelor... but we decided to find The Bachelor Australia online to watch! It's the best! They still have the drama, but they are so proper about it. It's hilarious. The Bachelor is the definition of Tall Dark and Handsome so he is nice to watch. Plus, he has the accent. I LOVE the Aussie accent. I even changed my Siri to an Australian man... so there you go.

Met a guy off of Tinder that was visiting from Germany. We had a great time. He was super laid back and loves to travel, so we had lots to talk about.

Since being back from my trip to Brazil with Stacey, I have learned that people have stalked me! People seeing that Stacey was with a girl on his trip from social media and then trying to find out if we are dating. I have to say that it is a little bit weird to know that people have been stalking you that you don't know. I mean... I have a public blog that I know strangers read and for some reason that doesn't bother me, or else I would make my blog private. So I'm not that bothered by the stalking. I am an open book and have nothing to hide. Just made me laugh when I heard that from my cousins wife who had someone else tell her not knowing that she knew who I was. Anyway...

The company that I bought my hammock from follows me on Instagram and they love my photo's so much that they asked me to be a photographer for their Instagram page. It's not a paid gig... but they sent me 3 more hammocks so I could have each color and trade off which one I take out and take pictures of. So now I have free hammocks and I take pictures (which I was doing anyway) but before I can post them myself, I have to send it to them and I can't post them until they do. Which is fine. I hope with my growing of followers on Instagram, that maybe I will get some other free stuff out of it. We shall see. This is a fun start though because I love my hammock.

I'm still thinking about my sweet Grandma today. I'm still sad. There were a lot of tears yesterday at work. My co-workers were really sweet when they found out. Everyone was so nice and supportive and they even bought chocolate cake and bought me beautiful flowers (that the guys picked out). How sweet is that. I was not expecting anything and didn't even say anything to anyone about it half the day... but I think after so much crying, people get curious. I was happy they were there for me and so caring.
As I already blogged about, I hung out with my cousins Dave & Trav on Friday and Monday since Trav was in town. Always a blast hanging out with them. Yesterday after I found out about my Grandma I text both of them and told me them how glad I was that we went to see her Friday and Monday. We all agreed that it was such an honor being one of the last people to see Grandma before she left this earth. That we were there to put a smile on her face and make her smile. I will cherish that memory forever. What a bitter sweet week.

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jamie hixon said...

My friend dropped by and gave me flowers too when she found out Grandma died. I thought it was such a sweet thing to do. It is hard to lose someone you love, even when they are ready to go. I think about her often.
Also, if I weren't your sister and I saw Stacey's Insta pics, I would totally assume you were dating. But I wouldn't stalk you. Ha.
Kind of fun that you went on a date with a visiting German.

It's funny that you are watching the Bachelor. I can't stand that show, but I might like the aussie version. I am actually writing the book for a friend's musical that is based off of the Bachelor... it is called The Bachelor Prince, and the main dude is called Prince Laughsalot and his dates are the little mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.