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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Rio is where we wanted to spend most of our trip and the last part of our trip. Stacey was super excited about Rio because that is where he served his mission, so I pretty much let him be in charge here. We pretty much did everything that I wanted to do though, that I was aware of. Rio has always been a big city (out of the USA) that excited me the most. Not sure why. Just seemed colorful and beautiful and exciting. I mean... they don't have so many songs about it for nothing right? So besides Iguazu Falls, Rio was the other place I was most excited to spent time. The city did not disappoint. Out of the 4 days that we spent there (and we could have easily spent so much more) here were the highlights.

Copacabana Beach

Christ Redeemer Statue

Famous Tiled steps - I had seen so many pictures of this

Ipanema Beach - SO CROWDED but one of the best places to watch the sunset in Rio

My favorite, Sugarloaf Mountain.
It was such an amazing view up there, I took so many pictures as the sun went down because it was so beautiful and when the sun was down, the city glows.

We also made some really awesome friends at our hostel in Rio. Instant friends. I LOVE making new friends from around the world.

What an amazing time Rio was. I wouldn't hate it if I end visiting there again one day.

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jamie hixon said...

That seriously looks SO AMAZING!! Rio... I had never even thought about visiting. But NOW I have!