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Friday, January 15, 2016

Humor U

Friday night, last minute... Stacey invited me to go with him to Humor U. Our friend Ian was performing and Drew (who is also in our ward) and there were other members of our ward attending, so I went with Stacey to the show and we met up with others there. I have to say, this show was A LOT better than the other show I went to a year ago. Ian was good (pics below) and the others were good...

But the best was the headliner, Aaron Woodall. He used to be in Humor U and is now doing stand up comedy professionally. You can tell too... his set had a lot more flow to it than the others. He is just telling stories instead of telling joke to joke. he took up half of the time and I really enjoyed it. I will have to look up his other stuff on on YouTube.

I'm really glad that Stacey invited me. It was nice to get out of the house and hang out with friends and go to a show and just laugh and be entertained. I sit home a lot on Friday's these days, so this was a nice change.

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jamie hixon said...

That sounds like such a fun night! "I dearly love to laugh." -maybe a quote from Pride and Prejudice.