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Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year where I start feeling the need to go through my stuff and get rid of my crap. A big pile for D.I. and a big pile that goes to the trash. I feel so much better after I do this. It feels clean and less cluttered and there is something that feels good about freeing up space and letting go of things that you have been holding on to for whatever reason.

Speaking of that. It amazes me that I go through this phase once a year or more and I still have stuff to get rid of. I know I buy more stuff... but... there are also things that for some reason I wasn't ready to get rid of before, but now for some reason, I'm fine with it. I wish I could understand my mental process of letting things go. The older I get, the easier it is for me to let things go. For some reason, when I was younger... I held on to everything and I couldn't get rid of it because it had sentimental value. I still am sentimental about a lot of things... but my love for clean and non-cluttered spaces overrules my sentimental value over silly things. Now I just take a picture and get rid of it. It doesn't even need to have sentimental value per say... I always think... well, what if I want to use that again? Even though I haven't touched it in years. This is why I worry that sometimes I have hoarder tendencies... but I think I'm ok. ha ha.

While going through my stuff this time.... I found this. A Ninja Turtle kite that I bought in 2005 for 97 cents. No doubt a 97 cents well spent. I flew that kite a lot while I first bought it and it is actually a great kite. Always flies awesome. However, I don't fly kites often. The last time I flew this kite was in 2013 when John and I first started dating, we flew it for one of our early dates. Since then it hasn't been touched. It's awkward to store and it is cheap! I bought it for 97 cents! ha ha. Why did I feel the need to keep it for 11 years? Well... it's gone now. I don't think I will miss it either.  Getting rid of stuff feels so good. SO good. I struggle with it for a min, but never miss the stuff once it's gone.


Lynette Mills said...

So true! I have been feeling the need to weed out too!

jamie hixon said...

I have been feeling this too- but I don't have enough time! I was cleaning the bathroom today and Ezra was just opening drawers and throwing stuff around. Maybe I should pull an all-nighter or something.