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Friday, July 29, 2016

The Math Van

I mentioned before that we took Daniel's dad's van, which has his business advertised on it. I guess he does Math tutoring for kids? The van say's on it "Follow me to better grades" and it has a couple of happy kids on both sides of the van, one of them is dressed like Einstein. It's an awesome van and we made jokes about the Math Van along the way to Havasupai.

When we got to the parking lot of Havasupai and we parked to try and get some sleep before making the hike... I couldn't sleep. It was hot in that van. It was much cooler outside. After trying to get some sleep and failing, I finally just got out of the van and sat outside to get some cooler air. It is almost 2am and I am waiting for Daniel to wake up so that we can get going and start our hike. In fact, I am waiting for everyone to wake up. All of the sudden a group of wild horses trots by and I hear Spencer on the other side of the Van. I guess he had been laying down over there. He gets up and starts talking with me.

It's dark and I am tired... but I start staring at the Math Van. I'm thinking... this kid doesn't look right. Why is this kid so creepy? Is my mind playing tricks on me because it's dark and I'm tired or does this kid not have eyes all of the sudden? I couldn't figure it out. I point it out to Spencer. He agrees that the child looks like a creepy demon. The more I stare at it, the more I'm freaking out. Why is he so creepy? Why doesn't he look like he has eyes anymore? Then Spencer notices and points out to me that the Window is rolled down... therefore making his eyes disappear. I guess I was too tired to notice that on my own.... but then we just started laughing so hard at it. Mind you... lots of other people are trying to sleep in the parking lot before they start their hike down. Everyone now hates us.... Daniel is now finally awake so that we can get our stuff together to start our hike which I am very anxious to start.... but how funny is this? We joked about it for the rest of our trip and after we were all home from the trip, Daniel sent these pictures. Which of course me laugh so hard and I had to share.

Good times in the Math Van!

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jamie hixon said...

Follow me to better grades?! Love! And yeah- that is pretty funny.