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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Where Do You Drive?

Kyle and I both love photography. We are both always thinking of new and creative ways to capture life and the beauty of it. So I came up with this new photo opt idea....

See, I LOVE my new car. I call it my adventure car because it is perfect for all of my adventures. It's the perfect size for me. I can through my paddle board on top and I can throw all of my camping gear or whatever else in the back. It fits all my friends and it has the best sound system so I can pump up the jams when I drive. I am a music lover after all.

I thought of a new use for my car... which inspired the photo shoot series "Where Do You Drive?". When you put the back seats down in my car... there is quite a bit of room in the back. I have been dying to make it into a comfy bed and drive somewhere beautiful and camp in the car with some twinkle lights. I haven't done that yet... but regardless if I sleep in there or not, it is a great hang out space.

So on Friday night, Kyle and I drove up Rock Canyon to watch the sunset. We both love sunsets. We opened up the trunk of my car and hung twinkle lights. The temperature was perfect with a slight breeze. Everything about it made me happy. So this is definitely happening again. Of course in different locations with a slightly different set up. That is why it is going to be a series of pictures we do. I love it though. Another reason to love my car. It was the perfect summer evening. Can't wait to do it again.


Lynette Mills said...

Love the idea and the photo

jamie hixon said...

It's like being a turtle and carrying your home wherever you go. Neat.