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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 332

Summer is going by WAY TO FAST!!! I like it because it means I am having fun, but I hate it because I don't want it to end. I wait all year long for summer and then it passes by in a flash.

I already blogged about my hike to Lisa Falls with my cousin Lisa and some of her family. Love spending time with her. Always have. After we got done with our hike, we drove back to Provo Canyon to meet up with the rest of her family for a picnic at the park. So my Aunt Brenda & Uncle Carl were there, cousin Dave and his family were there and cousin Steve and his family were there. I got to hold both Lisa's and Steve's babies. Both adorable. I do love babies. We were at the park eating and chatting and the kids were playing in the water until dark. Then Lisa and family and Dave and family and I all went to Sodalicious. We have to. Lisa looks forward to it whenever she comes to Utah. It's a cousin tradition. So much fun with the cousins. Love them.

Saturday I didn't do much besides errands and cleaning. Nothing fun outside like I normally like to do. Although, at midnight, I was watching a movie that I rented.... and I got a text from my friend Becky. She said, hey... you want to try sleeping in a hammock in the park to see if we want to sleep in hammock's at Havasupai? I text back, sure. ha ha. Why not? And she also text our friend Stephan. He also said sure, why not. So the 3 of us went to the park at almost 1am.... waiting for the sprinklers to turn off, then we set up our hammocks at the back of the park in our usual spot. We talked for an hour or so... then went to sleep. I was surprised how comfortable I slept in the hammock all night. Usually the thing that stinks when you are camping, is that you are on the ground. Even with a sleeping pad, you wake up stiff and switch sleeping positions until the next one gets stiff and you do it again. Sleeping in the hammock, I never got stiff. It really was quite comfortable. The only thing that felt a little different was I felt more exposed, more vulnerable. I don't know why. I was still next to my friends... but we were were not directly next to each other... just hanging by ourselves, which feels a little vulnerable to sleep like that. In a tent, you have an enclosed space. Anyway... not sure why I felt that way since we were just at the park next to our house. Anyway... we slept great and decided that is how we were going to camp at havasupai... which is great, because it is less to pack. It was also fun. A hammock sleep over at the park. Who knows.... we might do it again just for fun. Invite more people. I do have 4 hammocks after all.

Sunday I got to meet my new nephew, Lincoln. Oh... I love him so much. There is nothing like new babies. I blogged about this already as well, but I loved rocking him to sleep and holding a sleeping baby is pretty much the best thing ever. I'm sure I will be doing a photoshoot of him within the next week.

Monday I worked out with Josh earlier in the day because I had a hair appointment with my friend Nicole. I didn't take a picture of my hair because it isn't different. We decided to keep it she same, she just gave me a trim and redid some of the color to make it look rich again. I always look forward to getting my hair done, not only because it is great to get your hair done, but I love catching up with Nicole. We have been friends for like 8 or 9 years now I think. She is great.

Tuesday I also worked out early with Josh because after work I had to drive up to Salt Lake to get my lashes done from my friend Ali. She is also the greatest. Visiting with her is fun as well. And I LOVE having full lashes.

Wednesday I again worked out with Josh earlier in the day because I had my friends Liz & Ben over for dinner before they move to Hawaii next week for a year. I know, so much going on. I already blogged about them too, but I am so thankful we have stayed good friends and that they made time to hang out with me right before they move even though they are so so busy. They are the best. Love them.

Guess that brings me to today. Today I worked out with Josh after work. Thursday is my least favorite work out day. I hate cardio day. I got it done though and after the work out I went home and quickly changed and picked up my friend Kyle to go to my work Luau with me. I'm so glad he went with me because otherwise it would have been lame. I didn't want to hang out with any of my co-workers. I know... I'm terrible. Because I went later, most of my co-workers were leaving as I was getting there, so I wasn't mad about that. Anyway... Kyle and I had fun. It was nice we got there when everyone was pretty much done eating but there was still tons of food, so we didn't have to deal with the crowd. So we ate yummy food, then just as we got done eating, the dancers started. I even participated in the dancing... because I'm cool like that. Ha ha. So glad none of my co-workers were there for that. Anyway.... I will blog more about that later. I was with Kyle so we took lots of pictures because that is what Kyle and I do together. That is one of the reasons I love hanging out with Kyle. He is like me in the fact that he is always down for fun and loves to document life. So we had a great time.

So that is it. That was my week. Busy... but good. Starting to make my packing list of Havasupai and gather a few things. Want to be extra prepared for long backpacking trips. My friends are all excited and I think it is going to be a fun trip. Anyway... until next week!

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jamie hixon said...

I want to see video of your dancing! Also, I would never sleep in a hammock in the park, I would be afraid of crazy people who might stab me in my sleep or something. But it sounds like a comfy way to sleep while camping, or in the Hunger Games, whatever.