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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Camping Gear

Over the last few years I have really gotten into camping and the outdoors. It was on my last trip to Havasupai that I realized how great camping gear makes a difference from mediocre camping gear, which is what I had at the time. Especially when backpacking. You want lightweight and compact gear. So that is when I started investing in the good stuff. It has made all of the difference in my camping and outdoor experiences. So much easier and more comfortable.

So now, I get all kinds of excited about camping and outdoor gear. I could spend hours in stores like REI. I'm packing for my second trip to Havasupai and I'm super excited that this experience is going to be so much better than last time (not that lats time wasn't great) for several different reasons, but one of which is because of my gear.

Here is what I'm packing.

*Camelpak Bladder
*Rumpl (sleeping bag blanket... which I might not use depending on how hot it is)
*Hammock (which I will be sleeping in)
*Compact towel
*Collapsable daypack
*Portable Battery charger
*Sleeping pad
*Chacos (water shoes)
*Hiking shoes
*Camping pillow
*Portable bluetooth Speaker
*Jetboil (cooking system) SUPER excited about this. Boils water in 3 minutes

Other stuff too... I even am packing some battery twinkle lights to hang above my hammock. I'm excited. With food and water with all of my other stuff, I think my backpack is going to end up weighing 35 lbs. Not too bad!

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jamie hixon said...

Sweet! I forgot to say on your other post that you should tape your feet up before you get blisters, not after. ;)