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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lisa Falls

Since the beginning of this year, my cousin Lisa has been texting me every time she sees my Instagram pictures saying she can't wait to adventure with me when she comes. Well... she came and it was time! We are pretty limited because she has her kids with her, and she wanted to go somewhere that I had never been before so we could both experience it for the first time together. So we found a hike, that was very appropriate. Lisa Falls! I mean, we had to go right? The waterfall was named after her. ;)

So Friday I left work early and went to my trainer and then after met up with Lisa and Brett and a few of their kids. Most of the kids stayed back at the cabin with their grandparents. We drove up to Little Cottonwood Canyon and did the short little hike to Lisa Falls. It's a pretty waterfall and I'm not sure why I have not been there before since it is so easy to get to.

We had fun hanging out and taking pictures and being out in nature together. I also taught Lisa and Brett my secret of how I edit pictures for Instagram since they are a couple of my biggest fans. They are so nice. But seriously, Lisa is so fun. She is one of my favorite people to be around and talk to. I always looked up to her when I was little and wished I could be like her. I still do, but now we are like best friends. There usually isn't a week that goes by that we haven't talked. She is someone I can always turn to for anything and is always there to support me and make me laugh. She is the best. So glad I got to spend time with her! Love you Lisa!

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jamie hixon said...

I can't believe you found a place near by that you HADN'T hiked. ha. And that is a crazy appropriate name.