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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 331

Another fun filled week! My cousin (Lisa) is in town. I LOVE hanging out with my Anderson cousins. They are so much fun.

It was also a fun week because it was a long Holiday weekend that started on Friday with me getting off of work at 2pm! So I went to work out with Josh and then I was done. I was going to go paddle boarding with Kyle after, but I was so tired. I ended up taking a nap instead. Ha! Guess I just can't keep up the way I used to. I did end up meeting up with Kyle later though. We went to American Fork with a bunch of his friends to watch fireworks. It was a pretty good show. After we wanted a treat and were not wanting to go home yet, so Kyle, Ashton (Kyle's friend) and I went to Sodalicious after to hang out. It was my second sodalicious since I started with my trainer. So I would say I am doing pretty well. Plus I got a smaller size instead of my 32oz. I'm telling you that you should be proud of me. ha ha. Anyway... we hung out there then I got to talking to another one of Kyle's friends (Josh) and was trying to make conversation so that I had someone to talk to. He ended up talking to me about himself until 3 in the morning. Whenever I tried to add things I related to or talk about me in any way, he pretty much ignored and brought the subject back to him. SO FUN!!!! Ha ha... some people need to work on their social skills. And I am too nice to say anything.

Saturday I was good and went running and was eating healthy like I should. Trying to keep on track. In the afternoon I asked Kyle if he wanted to go to Donut Falls, which he did... and of course he always gathers friends. So I went running and hiking. Not bad. We had a great time at Donut Falls. I blogged all about it already. Fun hike. After we all continued to hang out. Tried to go to a carnival in down town Provo, but it was pretty much shut down by the time we got there, so we all just sat around and talked. Not sure why because we were all SO tired. Josh tried to talk to me about himself again for a while, but I didn't really give him the response I did the night before. I was too tired to try and be nice about it that night. ha ha. Poor guy. He is nice, he is just young.

Sunday I went to church and then family dinner. The usual. Had a nice chat with Stacey at church. It had been a long time since we really talked. It was good, we needed that.

Monday was the 4th of July! I love this holiday, but I didn't really do a lot. Cara, my sister in law, had her baby boy, Lincoln. A 4th of July baby! I'm excited he is here. Can't wait to hold him. I worked out with my personal trainer in the morning. Might be the first time ever that I have worked out on a Holiday. Ha ha. The rest of the day I was just with the family at the park. Which I blogged about. It was fun and relaxing. I brought my hammock and my inflatable couch. It was a lot of fun catching up with the cousins. I also enjoy hanging out with my Uncle Dale and Aunt Teresa. I see them a lot, and I enjoy that. It's fun having them so close. That night I just hung out with Kyle and Whitney and friends. We had a good time.

We were supposed to go paddle boarding for Kyle birthday Monday night... but it didn't happen. However, I had Kyle's paddle board and my paddle board in my car because of it. So we decided to go on Tuesday in Springville. I already blogged about that too. So not much to say there except that would be an awesome place to go if it were not so crowded. I wonder if there is ever a time that it isn't. Maybe when the kids go back to school.

Wednesday it was Lisa time. She was supposed to be here the entire week, but ended up going to Idaho at a ranch that Heather's family has. Almost wish I could have gone. So they were up at a cabin by Sundance from Wednesday to Saturday. So... Wednesday after work I went up there. Hung out there for the entire night. Cousin's Dave and Steve were also there with their kids. Talked with Dave and Heather. Heather is always trying to get me working my dream jobs... which I love her for. I hope one day I can. After everyone else left and Lisa and I had a heart to heart until almost 1am. I love cousin time. I wish I had more of it. However I will take what I can get. I'm still sad that my cousin Trav didn't end up coming out like he was supposed to. Oh well. Maybe I will have to visit Michiana again. My Personal Trainer has just drained all of my money.

Speaking of the personal trainer. It's going well. It's time that I weigh and measure myself again... but I am a little afraid to do it because I have been eating a lot of sweets lately. At least I have still been working out there right? That has to count for something. I need to be better though if I am going to get the results that I want. Lisa is the worst influence on me. Always getting me to drink Mountain Dew. Where do you think I get my love from Mountain Dew from? It came from my Anderson cousins. Ha ha. Anyway... I have been working out hard though and it is always hard, but I feel so good. I feel strong. Some work outs... I feel like I rock it. Those days feel good. I just need to be more strict with my diet again. AKA lay off the sweets. I will have the next set of results on my progress next week. My trainer said it is happening next week. Gotta do it.

Today I worked out with Josh early again so I could hang out with Lisa after work. They had a long day though and got back late, so I didn't end up going over there. I just had a chill evening and didn't do much. So we are going to hang tomorrow. We are going to go hiking.

Anyway... that is it. The weeks are crazy, but busy and mostly fun. I am getting ready for my next adventure, Havasupai round 2. It will be fun this time because I will want to play in the water because it will be hot. I am also WAY more into camping and the outdoors and have a lot of great camping equipment now... last time I knew nothing and wouldn't have survived without the help of John the mountain man. We had just started dating when I went last. So I have been getting stuff here and there that I think will be helpful on the trip. Buying new outdoors and camping equipment is so fun and exciting for me. I know it sounds silly, but I love getting stuff and then it makes me want to go on another adventure so I can use it. One day, when I have a garage, I want to have a entire section of shelves dedicated to my outdoor stuff. Right now I have a tiny space and I don't even have room to keep my paddle board at my house. One day... one day.

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jamie hixon said...

I'm glad it's going well with your personal trainer, I haven't been to pilates in weeks and weeks. I get on the elliptical and do workout videos, but it's not the same. Ugh, why does it have to be so hard to be in shape??

ALSO I'm glad that you had a talk with Stacey. Long overdue.