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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 333

I'm on my way to Havasupai!!! I'm excited, but nervous. Nervous about hiking in the heat all weekend. But we shall see how it goes. First lets recap the week.

I guess I already blogged about some of it, like going to Cecret Lake again and making a new great friend. Seriously... I love when that happens, when you just connect with people and become instant friends. It doesn't happen often. I just wish it would happen with my roommates. Ugh!

I also had two Tinder dates... well, more like hang outs over the weekend. Both not great. One guy was super nice but there was just no connection. I could tell he was into it and I just wasn't and I wish that he could tell so that I didn't have to tell him, but when he contacted me the next day... I had to tell him. I hate doing it, but I also believe in being honest and not playing games. I think it is better to hear from the person in a nice way that they are not feeling it instead of just all of the sudden ignoring the person, which is what most people do. I don't like it when guys do that to me, so I try not to do that to them. Anyway. The other one... it seemed to start out ok conversation wise, but he was a know it all and very full of himself and kind of a Delta Bravo (as my cousin Trav would put it) so there went that as well. I think by the end we both knew it wasn't great and we haven't talked since. ha ha. I'm ok with that. Maybe one day I will find a guy that it just clicks with. All these years.... has to happen sometime right?

Sunday was the usual. Church, family dinner. Sunday is always a nice day. I also took pictures of baby Lincoln after dinner. So I will edit those when I get back from Havasupai and you will be seeing some of those pictures. I think they turned out well. Lincoln was the most sleepy baby I have taken pictures of so far... which is nice. Makes it easier to get pictures.

After I got back from family dinner, my friend Becky and I headed to the park to go test out some camping equipment. I'm never worried about this stuff, but Becky worries about everything. So she let me know how important it was for us to try out some of our new equipment that we hadn't used yet.... to make sure it worked and we knew how to set it up and all of that. I really wasn't worried about the Jetboil. Seemed pretty easier to use (and it is) and I didn't think there would be anything wrong, which there wasn't. We also went to the park so we could do a test run with the tarp that I had bought to bring on the trip in case it rains, which I don't think it is going to. It was actually harder to put up than I thought it was going to be, but by the time we were doing it, it was also dark outside. Don't think that helped. We got it up and were the only ones in the back of the park... sitting there talking. All of the sudden I see 5 bucks with big racks run by and they come and stand right next to us. They chilled there for a while.... just eating grass, looking at us looking at them. We were talking at a normal volume, but they were not concerned by us obviously. It was pretty cool. having 5 big bucks 5 feet away from us. Such majestic animals. I tried to get a picture, but it was really too dark. It was one of the highlights of my night though. After 5 or so minutes hanging out with us... some other people came along and scared them away. Shame.

The rest of my week honestly hasn't been very exciting. Just been going to work and then working out with Josh... which I am just about done with my 12 weeks. Can you believe it? In the beginning I thought 12 weeks was going to take forever... and it ended up flying by. I'm going to sign up for another 12 weeks when I get back from my trip.

Other than working and working out... I have just been getting ready for my trip. Trying to plan out food I can pack in my backpack that won't go bad. Trying to figure out last minute items that I should bring that would make my camping/backpacking experience better or more comfortable. I got some tape for when I get blisters. I didn't have that last time. It's not a matter of if, it's when. With that amount of hiking in just a few days.... it IS going to happen. Let's be honest. I am on my way though and I think I am set. I feel good about the way I packed and I think that I have the lightest pack out of our entire group. Which means it will be a slightly easier 10 mile hike for me than everyone else. I'm excited.

It has been nice because Daniel borrowed his dad's business van. So that we could all go together. Well, except for Allison and her friend Kassie. They met up with us in Las Vegas. It's a math Van... which is hilarious. I will have to show pictures later. Anyway, it has been fun riding all together. Except the friend Becky brought, Matt, nobody likes him, including me. Hopefully it gets better on the trip, but I'm not counting on it. I think we are going to try and get some sleep before we start hiking at 2 in the morning. Should be interesting. This is definitely going to be a different experience from the last time I went to Havasupai. That is good though, that is why I wanted to go again.


Anonymous said...

u r so pretty . why do you think you are over weight

jamie hixon said...

I think it's hilarious when you just go right out and say "nobody likes this person, I don't like this person"- I would never say that! I would be afraid they would read it and feel bad. I guess you are more honest than I am. ha.

That's cool about the bucks. At first I thought you mistyped and I thought you meant DUCKS. But then there were antlers, so nope... bucks.

jamie hixon said...

Also- this is post 333. Now that is a magic number.