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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Donut Falls - Take 3

Went to Donut Falls again. It's such a fun little hike, why not go yearly. Last year, I went by myself because I didn't really have many adventure buddies. Well, I am so happy that this year I do. So I had a group of friends to go with this time and it was ALL of their first time going. I love taking people cool places that they haven't been to before. It makes me happy. It's also more fun for me to have people to go with than go by myself. I mean, I enjoy it either way, but I enjoy the company of others.

It isn't a very long hike, maybe 3 miles round trip. So we stopped and played a lot along the way to the falls. Whitney picked a lot of wild flowers because she loves picking flowers and she loves life. That is what I love about her. She is always happy and playing.

Then we made it to the end of the trail... climbed up the waterfall to get to donut falls. The water was FREEZING!!! Also a lot more water in there than last year. Our feet were numb when we were done, but we had a blast. What a fun group.

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jamie hixon said...

You got some great pictures there. What a cool adventure. I wonder if it is a Poke stop? (You can tell that my kids play Pokemon Go because this is the way I think now.)