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Friday, September 2, 2016

Awkward Moment

Today I was in the cafe at work, getting a salad from the salad bar as I typically do these days. It has gotten to the point where the lady at the register that checks me out almost every time wonders if I eat anything else. She makes comments... your salad, as usual. How is that salad going for you? Do you eat anything else? How do you eat a salad every day? I couldn't do it... stuff like that. I just smile and nod and tell her I do my best to stay healthy and this is easy for me to come get a small salad from the salad bar. What else do I say?

Today when I got in line to check out at the register with this same lady (who is very friendly and chatty with everyone) the guy in front of me was showing her some video on his phone. I don't mind, I just wait until she is ready to check me out. I'm in no rush. Then the guy comes over to me. I thought he was super friendly as well and wanted to show me the video also... since I was there? I don't know... I just go with whatever happens at work. There are a lot of different people with different personalities and you have weird/awkward elevator conversations and interesting encounters in the hall ways and Hot Grandpa (what Lauren and I nicknamed the body builder at the gym in his 50's) showing me his abs in the gym and wanting to share his food with me in the break room. You know... you just roll with it. So I look at this guys phone like he is going to show me whatever he just showed the lady at the register... but then instead of showing me a video, he gets closer to make a comment.

"I haven't seen you in the gym in a while. What happened? You were going so regularly".

I pause and look at this guy. I have a few different thoughts go through my head. First, I have never seen this guy in my life. He doesn't look familiar. My next thought is, does he think I'm someone else? However, I am a regular in the gym. So... maybe he is in there all the time and I have just never noticed him. If this is true, I feel bad. There are not that many people that go to the work gym when I do, so I feel like I recognize the people that are usually there at the same time as me. He obviously noticed me. However, I am one of the few girls that is a regular at the work gym these days.

I feel like I don't hide emotions very well, so I was just hoping that these thoughts didn't show on my face. I tried really hard to play it off like I totally recognized this guy and started explaining that I do try and get my cardio in at the work gym on my lunch break, however, I meet with a personal trainer after work... so it doesn't always happen, but I am still working out and working out hard... not to worry. Is it weird that I have to explain myself to strangers? That I have to update random people on my health and fitness? Maybe it is good to know that people notice? People that I don't even know or recognize? Ha ha. I mean... It is good that people check up on me because it makes me feel more accountable. I just wasn't expecting it from someone I have never seen before in my life. He then told me my hard work shows. It's paying off... he can tell. The lady at the register agreed. Thank you? Ha ha.

For some reason this experience made me feel awkward and strange. I mean... I try to always play things off cool, even when I don't feel that way, and I hope it comes across that way... but I seriously was so weirded out that this guy was checking up on me that I had never noticed before.

Am I crazy? Would anyone else feel weird too? Or am I totally overreacting?

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jamie hixon said...

Kind of weird, but probably it's all legit- not to worry. I remember in high school someone told me that this guy from San Marcos had had a crush on me for like a year. They showed me who it was-- I had never seen this guy before. I guess he went to The Living Room or whatever and watched my band play... I felt that same weird feeling. I think that's normal.

I can't wait until people comment on my weight loss and body change. Of course, that needs to HAPPEN first. haha