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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 341

Weekend started with a workout after work of course... but after that, I had a date with a guy that I had been talking to online for a while. I thought his name was Ian... but it's actually pronounced Eye-N... yep. I think that is the first person I have ever met that pronounces his name that way. Despite that... he was a sweetheart. He knew I was dieting, so he brought veggies to cook for me in my house. We had great conversation and he told me I looked even better in person than my pictures. That is something I like to hear. And although we had a great night... he lives in Ogden and I will probably never see him again, because.... that is how online dating is. They meet you and then move on to the next girl they can get excited about. Your excitement is now gone... they have met you, the mystery is over. But hey... maybe this guy will surprise me.

Saturday I blogged about already. It was Grant's baptism and I spent the afternoon hanging out with the family at my parents house. Then that late afternoon/ evening I hiked with Lacy to Brighton Lakes.

Sunday was the usual. Hung out with the family. Always a good time. After leaving my parents house this guy I have hung out with before wanted me to come hang out with him again... at Camp Williams. I felt a little weird about that, but I went with it. Showed up, showed my ID and said I was picking up a package from Sargent Powell... but really Sargent Powell and I were just going to hang out and chat... probably because he is working the night shift and has to stay there and is bored. I was curious... So I went. I have now seen Camp Williams at night. Not what I expected.

Monday Lori and family got to town. So after work, leaving a little early so that I could go work out with Josh an hour early so that I could leave to drive up to Salt Lake to get my lashes filled by Ali one last time before she has her baby.... after getting my lashes filled I drove back to my parents house to hang out with Lori and Billy and Leila (which was the only child still awake by the time I got there) for a couple hours before all of us needing to go to bed.

Tuesday was another busy day. From work, to the personal trainer, to Brick Oven (not to eat but just to hang out) for my friend Lindsay's birthday celebration and then later that night I hung out with Tyler... who I have hung out with several times, but he in very inconsistent and I never know when I will see him or hear from him. We enjoy each other when he does come around though. Always interesting and deep conversation, mostly me acting as therapist. I go into that roll a lot for some reason.

Wednesday after work and the gym... I ate dinner and watched the sunset... which is happening earlier and earlier everyday and I don't like it. After the sunset Stacey came and picked me up to take me out for a treat. He wanted to show me one of his favorite places for a treat that is also healthy... since he knows I'm eating healthy. Bowl of Heaven. It's Acai bowls! Yum! I loved it and will for sure be going back... guilt free. But of course it was just nice to spend some quality time with Stacey. We always have the best time.

After I got home from that, my neighbor, Josh, had run into me that morning as we were both running off to work. He said he hadn't seen me in a while and we should hang out and he had the night off. So when I got back from Bowl of Heaven with Stacey, I called Josh and he told me to come over because he had rented Legend and I should watch it with him. I had never seen Legend. I didn't know what it was or how old it was or who was in it. Turns out it was one of Tom Cruises earlier movies in the 80's and it is..... interesting. We ended up fast forwarding through a lot because it was so long... and so weird. It made for a good laugh though. Good times with my neighbor Josh.

I guess that leaves me with today. Work... gym (my life is so exciting) and then I had a date with this guy Mark. All I will say was.... it was a very short date and the least exciting of all 5 of my dates this past week. I can count my outing with Stacey a date right? He paid so... I'm counting it. Anyway... eventful week. I need some sleep.

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jamie hixon said...

I've never had an acai bowl before! I should go while I'm in Utah. I need to start a list- haha.

I really wish I was able to make it to Grant's baptism. I have missed all three of the Bourgeous baptisms. Womp womp. (PS "womp" autocorrects to "womb" so be careful when you type folks, and always make sure you look over your text.)