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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Hillary and I wanted to hang out yesterday so she suggested going to the new burger place in Provo across from Sodalicious. I always love trying new places AND I love hanging out with Hillary, so I was down.

It was pretty good. I went the healthier route and got my burger wrapped in lettuce, but still. I like when a burger place has healthier options. You can get salad there as well or get gluten free buns and such. Anyway... it is just another burger joint, but we liked it. I would would choose it over other burger places, but I wouldn't say it is my favorite place ever. I would go back again though.


Lori said...

You guys could pass as sisters ;) She is really nice, I was glad to meet her.

jamie hixon said...

Weird, I was going to say what Lori said, more or less. Y'all look related in that last picture.

PS Chom? Like Chomp minus the p? What a name.