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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scout Falls

Saturday Daniel and I had some one on one time and went to hike to Scout Falls together. We both wanted to get outside and do a hike and had both never done this hike before.

It had some pretty views during the 4 miles round trip. Fall is definitely in full swing. I enjoyed the views more than I enjoyed the falls. Probably because the fall's have died up to more of a trickle. See?

Great view of the mountains though. Loved being out and having some long overdue one on one time with Daniel. He has really become a dear friend over the years. I will have to try this hike again maybe in the spring or early summer when there is more of a waterfall. Even still, it was a beautiful day to be outside and enjoying the mountains.


Lori said...

Super pretty. Wish I would have had a few more days in Utah to go on one of these hikes with you. That rain got me!

jamie hixon said...

Nice! I love hiking in Utah. I should plan on a hike while I'm there.