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Friday, September 9, 2016

Evolution of My Eyebrows

I don't know how much people pay attention to eyebrows. As long as you have some and they aren't completely abnormal, people don't typically notice them.

Well, interesting fact about me... I don't really have any. Okay, that isn't exactly true. I feel like I don't have any because I am a brunette in a family of blondes and so I have brown hair and blonde eyebrows that are barely there. Peach fuzz really. In all honesty I think it got worse as I got older. I think you could see my eyebrows more when I was younger. Anyway, in order to look like a normal person, I need to color them in. I don't remember when I started coloring/drawing in my eyebrows, but I have been doing it for a long time. Over time, they have looked different. Looking closer at older pictures it even kind of weirds me out for some reason. Ha ha. I'm sure nobody else cares, but the struggle has been real for me for many years.

This isn't a great picture, but here I am with my blonde, hard to see eyebrows.

Obviously there have been different trends of how your eyebrows should look. I don't know if I ever followed any of those trends, but my eyebrows sure did change. Here are some pictures of me with different looking eyebrows.

In the last couple of years, I really have gotten sick of coloring in my eyebrows. I hate having good eyebrow days and bad eyebrow days or having uneven eyebrow days. I would put color powder on my brows and just leave it and pile more on until it got crusty and then would take it off and start over because I hated drawing them in all the time. Always had to worry about water and smuging it on accident.

Anyway... I just figured that was going to be my life and there was nothing I could do about it. Then one day when my friend Ali was filling my eyelashes, she told me about Microblading. I had no idea what Microblading was. It's semi permanent tattoo but instead of filling it in, they stroke the ink into your skin to look like hair. It is suppose to last a year and half to 2 years then you have it done again if you want to keep it up. As soon as she told me this, she told me she had been looking into it for herself and found a girl in Utah that did a really great job and gave me her info. I called her the next day and made an appointment. Her next appointment wasn't for 3 months! I guess it's more popular than I thought. I had just heard of it so I had no idea so many people knew about it and wanted it done. Anyway... it would have been a long wait for me to get in but she had a cancellation. Anyway... I took it. I didn't care when it was, I would make it happen.

So Thursday that happened! Finally. I was nervous about it hurting since it is a tattoo. I had asked other people that got it done and everyone told me... oh, it doesn't hurt. You feel them working on your brows, but they put numbing cream and it doesn't hurt. Well... maybe I'm a wimp, but it totally hurt for me. It wasn't a torture pain, but it was uncomfortable and I cried a little and it also made me sneeze when she was working on my inner brows. Ha ha. The first round was the worst and then it got better. It took about an hour or so and then it was done. The entire appointment was 3 hours because I had to fill out paperwork and decide on the color and shape and she drew it on first and then she tattooed them. Kind of scary because it is semi permanent, but I really like how they turned out! No more coloring in my eyebrows! I'm thrilled!!!

They are darker at first until they heal... and for the first week you have to keep vaseline on them. So I was nervous they were going to be weirdly dark for the first few days... but when she showed me them when she was done I was like... oh, this looks great. I wouldn't hate if they stayed this dark. So I was happy I didn't have to feel self conscious walking around the first few days... except for the fact that I had to keep vaseline on them so they were shiny. ha ha.  Here is what they looked like a couple days after I got them done.

Here is what they look like now that they are healed and faded a little bit. I'm a happy customer!


jamie hixon said...

Cute! That is so cool. I love something that's low maintenance (ahem eyebrowextentions ahem). They have a higher peak than you usually draw, but I think it looks great!

jamie hixon said...

HAHA I just noticed that I said eyeBROW extensions rather than eyeLASH extensions. hahahahaha! Like I'm Miracle Max over here or something.