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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 342

Happy Birthday to my sister Lori! And my nephew William. For once, I get to spend their birthday with them because they are in town. Guess what Lori wanted to do for her birthday? She wanted to come work out with me and my personal trainer. On my least favorite work out day... Cardio Circuit. Yep! I mean, I know she is super fit and loves to work out... but that IS NOT what I would want to be doing for my birthday.

After the work out, we had a party for Lori and William at my parents house. Fun little family party. I will blog about that later. I didn't get too many pictures because I wasn't thinking about it until after the fact... but I got some.

Let's backtrack to last weekend though. You know... where I left off last.

Saturday I went on a hike with Daniel, which I already blogged about... but what I didn't blog about is that we also went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then we went to the movies in the comfy recliner chairs. We saw Sully... which I didn't know much about... based on a true story. It was great. Tom Hanks always does a good job.

After my day with Daniel, I hung out with Hillary. We ate at CHOM and then still wanted to hang out so we sat at Rita's. We were just chatting and minding our own business when a guy comes in and sits at the kid table next to us and then starts making conversation. He said he was waiting for someone. I asked if it was a Tinder date. He said yes. I was so excited to see someone else's Tinder date in action. Before the girl got there, he came to sit with us at our table. We could tell something was up with him. He told us he was high on sleeping pills. Now I was even MORE excited to see this Tinder date in action. This guy was pretty weird, so we couldn't imagine what girl would meet up with him at 11pm. When she showed up, Hillary and I were both surprised how cute and normal she was. We saw them buy their stuff and then take off. Maybe 15 minutes later he came back in a sat with us and told us how she felt uncomfortable and took off. SHOCKER! He said, she thought I was going to rape her or something. We said... no, I'm sure she felt uncomfortable because you are high on sleeping pills and acting weird and saying weird things and not remembering what you say minutes after you say it.  He started going off about this and that and then started crying and we told him he should probably go sleep it off. We were laughing about this guy for days. Later Hillary and I both ran across him on Tinder. We both swiped left.

Sunday before heading to my parents house, Hillary and I met at the bottom of Provo Canyon and we went to have a picnic in the mountains and enjoy fall. It was a lovely day and found a spot that not many people were at... until golden hour... then everyone showed up to take family pictures. We always have a great time when we are together though. I will blog more about that later. I hope it happens again before it gets too cold.

Monday after work and my work out with Josh, I went to my good friend Nicole to get my hair done. I went DARKER. I have had lighter hair for so long now that it was kind of a shocker to go so much darker... which I used to do all of the time. I will get used to it, and it was time for a change and only appropriate to go dark for fall, but yeah... I will have to post a picture.

Tuesday after work and my workout I went over to Hillary's house to watch Zootopia with her and her kids. I hadn't seen it yet and they had it so the kids were excited for me to come over and watch it with them. They are cute, and a lot of fun.

Then that leaves yesterday. Yesterday after work and my work out with Josh, I hung out at Hillary's house again and then found out Lori and Billy were back from Hawaii, so I went over there and they wanted me to bring the movie Hook because Lori's kids are super into Peter Pan. So I did and hung out with them the rest of the night. Sure is fun to have them in town. I don't get to see them or their kids very often so it has been nice.

So I guess that is it! Another week gone!


Lori said...

Thanks for the great birthday in the gym getting my bootie kicked! You are in awesome shape! That workout whooped me good ;)
It was really fun to spend time with you!!

jamie hixon said...

Ooh, how did they like Hook? I remember thinking that movie was really awesome. I actually have taught some of my students a song from that movie, the one Peter's daughter sings on the boat.

Oh my goodness, that Tinder date. At least he had you guys to cry to. Why would someone go on a date high like that? Sheesh.