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Friday, September 30, 2016


So there is a new trend... or maybe it's not new and I am just discovering it... where you sign up to get a box of surprises in the mail every month. At first the concept of this to me was weird. I mean... what if I don't like the stuff. I'm picky about stuff I buy and I want to pick out my own stuff. However, I decided to give it a try.

There are several different ones out there, but I signed up for FabFitFun. Every month you get a new box of new items/products that have to do with beauty, fitness, health and the latest trends. I also signed up for an outdoors surprise box... that one hasn't come yet, so I will blog about that one when I get it. However, my first FabFitFun box came. I was pleasantly surprised how awesome it was and how much stuff came in the box. I'm paying $25 a month (until I cancel) and this box had over $200 worth of stuff in it.

I think what sold me on the surprise box idea is not only does it feel like Christmas (you don't know what is in the box until you open it) but it gives you a sample of a lot of different great products of stuff that you didn't even know was out there. If you don't fall in love with the product, you use it until it's gone... but if you do, well then you have discovered a new product that you love and you get more. It's really smart actually.

In this box I got a cute scarf, a coffee (or hot chocolate) cup, aging cream, a nude eyeshadow pallet (the last one I bought I use ALL the time and paid almost $50 for.  It also came with these cool toe socks that the bottom of them grab to the floor so you don't slip around while doing yoga or pilates... which I did all the time. Wish I would have had these when I was doing pilates regularly. I also love that this box came with coloring pencils and an adult coloring book. All I can say is... I'm excited to get my next box! What a cool idea. I also can't wait what camping and outdoor gear I get in my other box I subscribed to. It's like Christmas every month!

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jamie hixon said...

That is awesome, and I NEED some of those grippy socks but they are like one million dollars at the pilates studio. What a fun box! I did a ten dollar a month makeup one for a while, but then we got poor and I had to stop.