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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 343

Fall is in full swing and I love it. I always hate to see summer go because there are so many things I love about summer. I'm already missing the longer days, but I do love fall and that it cools down a little bit and I'm in LOVE with the colors. I always just dread Winter. Although I have already booked my yurt for this Winter. I've learned my lesson from last year to book early so I have a choice to go on a weekend instead of waiting too long and having to go on a week day.

Picking up where I left off... Friday night after my work out with Josh, I spent the evening hanging out with the family since Lori and her family were leaving the next morning. Just a chill evening at the parents house. It was nice. Love my family.

Saturday I didn't do much all day except for clean and do errands, I wasn't feeling great and we will just leave it at that. That night I hung out with my old roommies Allison and MacKenzie at MacKenzie's new place. Daniel joined as well. We did our traditional run to Brassas and Sodalicious and then watched Blacklist... which we all love. After the show was over, Daniel went home and the girls just sat around and chatted and caught up on life.

Sunday was a typical Sunday. Dinner with the family. Except for after... I met this guy I had been talking to online. He came over and we just chatted for a while before he went home and I went to bed... but he had an interesting story. I asked him where he was from, he told me he grew up in Jordan. I quickly perked up since my next trip I am planning is to that area. of the world. So I had lots of questions for him since everyone doesn't want me to go to the middle east because they think I am going to get kidnapped and or die. I feel even better about going after talking to him. Anyway... I really enjoy meeting new people from everywhere... learning their stories and what they are about. Everyone is so unique with different life stories, but we are all so similar in so many ways.

Monday after working all day and getting my butt kicked at the gym by Josh (leg day) I went straight to my parents house because I had bought a couple more crates from Home Depot so I needed to sand and stain them. I loved my first one so much that I decided I needed to buy a couple more before Home Depot ran out of them. Which they do. They don't always keep those crates in stock. I'm glad I did... there were not many left, and I feel like even if I don't know exactly what I am going to use them for now, they are so great to have because they can be used for so many different things. Just love the look of them. However, my plans for one of them is to come with my on road trips where I sleep in my car. I'm trying to perfect my SUV to Camper setup. I'm really excited about it actually. The crate will be my kitchen. It will keep hold my kitchen dishes I need and my Jetboil and any food or condiments that don't need to be kept in the cooler. Then it will also turn into my kitchen table from when we need to eat  in the car or need a surface to cook on. That was missing on the last trip. It will be perfect.

After working all day and then having a hard gym work out with a personal trainer, by the time I get home... there isn't a lot that I want to do... even though I have a pile of projects I want to get off my plate, plus cleaning. I need to finish my Puerto Rico video. I need to make a book of my Brazil trip last year. I should probably put a book together for my Puerto Rico trip as well. I also need to start my Havasupai video which my friends on that trip have been asking me about. They ask me how far along on the video I am.... ummm.... I haven't started. Sorry. At the same time, it is something I do for me therefore I can do it on my own time. Everyone else just happens to benefit from it. If they wanted to spend hours putting a video together, they could do it. ha ha. I will do it though. On top of those projects, I need to transfer my cassette tapes to digital and store them on my computer and I have the last of my VHS tapes that I need to transfer to DVD and my parents even let me borrow their converter which is sitting on my floor in my living room. I haven't even hooked it up to the tv yet. Go me! I would feel so much better having all these projects off my plate... but I just can't muster up the motivation to actually do them. I want to be outside or I just want to go to bed. I don't even want to make dinner when I get home. Sometimes I don't and I just have a yogurt (Don't tell my trainer). I'm never hungry anyway. So... is what it is. I will get there. Maybe when I'm done with my trainer I will feel differently.

Tuesday however... after the gym I did get the motivation to clean. So I cleaned the bathroom and did laundry and vacuumed... cleaning makes me feel good. And happy... when it's done. I don't love doing it, but I love when things are clean. Hence why it is such a struggle for me to have roommates. After my cleaning mode, I hung out with that guy Matt again that I met that is in the army. 3rd time hanging out. That has to be some sort of record for me for guys that I meet online. Ha! He is still too young and not for me. I'll take him as a friend though. He's pretty chill. He seems to kind of like me though.

Last night and tonight? Remember that whole speech I gave about not wanting to do anything when I get home after work and the gym? Yeah... that is how I have spent last night and tonight. What can I say... maybe I will be more motivated next week.

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jamie hixon said...

Hey, having a personal trainer sounds like having kids! It siphons all your energy and time and money, and then you're just like unable to do anything, even things that you really want to do. Huh.

You never know about that army guy. Stranger things have happened, and I totally thought Dan was "not for me" and we ended up getting married, so...