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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Grand Teton

The last part of my holiday weekend trip with Hillary. Grand Teton! We were actually in Grand Teton before Yellowstone. Well... I guess we were there before and after because we loved it so much... so I am just saving the best for last. They had some fires recently... so we could see that... but hopefully the rain we got while we were there helped!

First we walked around Jenny Lake. I LOVE Jenny Lake.

Of course we also had to hammock at Jenny Lake.

One of my favorite things was waking up and breakfast to this view.

We had a blast exploring and driving around the National Park. Grand Teton, I hope to see you again. Soon.

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jamie hixon said...

Was this post sponsored by Mountain House? We had some instant soup from them in our food storage. I made it once and it tasted like garbage puke.

I think Dan is going to start taking me on vacations because he needs to collect footage for Sky Tripping. I might need to add this place to the list.