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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 29

 So I actually have a good excuse to be blogging at work right now. The system that I use to process EVERYTHING is down... for everyone. It is kind of annoying / fun when things that are important to complete work stop working. Its annoying because you can't do your work. It's fun because everyone comes out of their offices to complain that whatever is not working and to see if everyone else is having the same problem and then we all end up talking and laughing and having a good time. I feel like everyone I work with has a great sense of humor, I love it. We have a lot of fun together when we come out of our offices. Right now we are trying to figure out what our next group activity should be. Thanks to my good friend Michele W. I now know about "Rockin R Ranch". Which I actually did know about before because I saw "Little People, Big World" go there. But I forgot about it and didn't realize how close it was. (You can watch video's of when the ranch has been featured on TV, Ross the Intern from the Jay Leno show is particularly funny) I suggested this be our next work activity and I think they actually liked the idea, but it might not happen. I think it would be funny to see all my co-workers as cowboys at a Ranch though. Any other ideas of what we should do?

Is it really September already? Where the heck did the summer go?

A lot of people are wondering about my awesome tan. I try to pretend that it's real... that I COULD go to Vegas for the weekend and come back that tan just from being there for a couple of days, but that would be a lie. I have received a lot of compliments of how great I look with the tan. It was kind of weird at first, but I actually really like how I look with a tan as well. Too bad it is already fading. The truth is... I can't tan to save my life. I just burn and peel. I know, its a sad story. I have accepted and embraced my whiteness and am totally okay with it, but Lolly started her own spray tan business. And I went to visit Lolly.... so.... I really just wanted to know what it would look and feel like to be tan for once. That's my confession. Now you know.

Last week and part of this week, we had a big project that we were doing for the legal department. It was pretty annoying and also pretty time consuming, so my boss and his boss took us out to lunch yesterday to "Happy Sumo". This was my first time there. I don't know why none of my friends have never wanted to go there before. I discovered Happy Sumo = Happy Tracy. That place is SOOOO good. It helps that I love sushi, but I had the most amazing lunch. We even ordered dessert. Fried Cheesecake (first for me) and the Velvet Kimono which was an amazing chocolate cheesecake. We all shared both and they were amazing. I love getting taken out to lunch for work.

Monday night, after I got back from classic skating, I was so tired. I took a shower and got in bed. I then receive two text messages for booty calls.(Mormon style) Really? I never get those. One was from a guy I don't know that well in SLC, the other was from a guy that I have been out with a couple times MONTHS ago. I thought that was weird, told them no thank you and I get online to check my email. I then get an email from someone I had not talked to in a long time. Remember on my classic skating post when I talked about the boys that I worked with at Apx and used to hang out with all the time a couple of years ago? Because I hung out with them all of the time, I also got to know their roommates, one of which they are still roommates with and now live in my stake. I got an email from that roommate. ANOTHER booty call from him. What? Was there something in the water on Monday night? Just so out of the norm. I hardly even get asked out! Whatever.

So my friend Erin from back home is part of a crew putting together a "Mormon Bachelorette" for her roommate. It made me think... since I have been putting pictures of me and these different guys that I hang out with on my blog, my readers have been commenting a lot on which guys are cute and which ones I should go for and so on. I think it would be fun to do a bachelorette type of thing myself. My friend had a friend that did 31 dates in 31 days and she ended up marrying date #31. I'm just saying. What would you guys think if I tried to do a 31 dates in 31 days and blogged about it everyday. My readers could help set me up and vote on the guys or something of that nature. I would totally be up for the challenge and tons of blind dates. I think it could be fun. I would need help though... probably a little bit of advertising, people setting me up, so on so forth, time to plan it all out. It could be a fun thing I do next year? Thoughts? Ideas?

Thank goodness my friend Cheryl and I trade massages every month. What would I do without this? What did I do before this? Just in a months time.... I was SO tight. I think it is mostly because of my desk job. That is what I blame it on anyway. I know not everyone has a full time desk job.... but for anyone that does... any tips for good posture and not getting carpal tunnel? I have the pads for my keyboard and mouse and a decent chair.... but my arms still hurt sometimes and I get wicked tight. If I could get my shoulders, neck, arms and hands massaged everyday... I would. But I can't, so I am open to any advice that others have that would help.


politicchic6 said...

First off, MY COMPUTER SYSTEM IS DOWN TODAY TOO! :) Also, go Rockin' R, so much fun. As for good work posture. My chiropractor (yes, when I went to one because my weight lifting was affecting my shoulders) said to put your chair very low so your hands rest on the ground and to put your monitor high enough that you are looking a little up at it. That way your body is forced to sit with correct posture. That being said, anyone who sits at my desk makes fun of the set up.

Tammy Jackson said...

Why wait until next year to do the 31 dates in 31 days?? I think you would have a blast doing it as you are the type of person that can have fun doing anything! And with a cute guy?? FUN!!

Lynette Mills said...

That Jay Leno clip of the ranch was pretty funny...

THE LIZARD'S said...

wow.. you really tell ALL! you are one brave soul! I enjoyed all this confession...so much good info on your personal life at once! ha..ha ..most of which i already knew... but that is NOT the point! ha. so, the 31 dates idea is Very intriguing..if I knew a single guy where you live, you know I would set you up with him! ... shoot.. I try to think of guys here to set you up with when you come visit..but alas.. i know like NO single guys.. plus he would have to be of very HIGH quality churchie guy!

Kayleigh said...

I'm blogging (or reading them, rather) on my lunch break! Totally lame, I know...

Anyways, I LOVE Happy Sumo, but don't go very often. I don't get any type of Sushi very often, come to think of it - But I have good reason, I'm allergic to shellfish! BUT, did you know that they have a VIP club where you can get discounts? Go to http://www.happysumosushi.com/vip.html

T-Ray said...

Wow! Thanks Kayleigh! You are always sending great tips and info my way! :o)

Desiree said...

I think you should totally go for the 31 dates in 31 days. Those are good odds.
So, I have to ask. The booty call requests. Were they straight up "Hey, come over and we can make out" or were they more subtle than that? Classy.
PS. Love Happy Sumo!