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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 32

Last weekend, I went with some friends on constitution day to the SLC Tabernacle to listen to Dallin H Oaks speak about the Constitution. It was very interesting to hear him speak about something that was not church related. He is one of my favorite Apostles since my seminary days. It was a great speech, but I was so confused with what to do. I mean, it was at the tabernacle and everyone was dressed up and they opened with a prayer.... but everyone clapped after each musical number and after Elder Oaks spoke and there was no closing prayer. I don't know why it was so weird to me, but it was great. We even dressed in Red, White and Blue for the fireside. :o)

So I had my first long flight. Everyone was giving me different advice about what to do. One of my co-workers kind of told me horror stories about long international flights. Air India however was awesome and I took sleeping pills.... even though some people told me shouldn't and some people told me I should... I got 8 hours of sleep on the plane and even though I lost a day once I got to India, I had no jet lag... which made me happy because we are not going to be here long enough for me to have to recover from that. So far, I am loving India.

This is the first time I have gone to a different country and not backpacked. We are with a tour. We are the youngest one's on the tour except one couple. I figured it would be that way though. I mean... its September so most people would be in school and most people I know when they go to countries like this.... they backpack. Despite that we have some odd people on our tour group with us, at least we have each other. Oh and we found a older Mormon couple... which was cool. They said out of all the tour groups they have done, we were the first Mormon's they have ever had on a tour with them. I don't think a tour is a bad way to go though... especially for a place like India. I think we are saving a lot of money this way AND we are seeing a lot for how little time we are going to be here. Also its nice to have a personal tour guide that can tell you everything and answer questions. I don't know if I would tour all countries this way, but I am not sad about doing India this way. We are staying in nice hotels too.

Even though I have the Internet in my hotels in India, I don't know why I thought I was going to be blogging about my trip every night. First of all, I am sharing my computer with two other girls. Second of all, by the time I am done clearing out my email from not checking constantly all day... and I get on my blog, its REALLY late for me (like now, its like 3 in the morning) and I don't feel like going through and editing all my pictures and deciding which ones to post on my blog and what I am going to write about. So I will have my work cut out for me when I get back. I usually keep a journal though, and I didn't bring one this time because I planned on blogging. So hopefully I don't forget the little details of everyday. P.S. I think I am gaining weight while I am here. Indian food is SO good, and I'm pretty sure its nothing close to healthy.

On Saturday, I looked out the Window and what did I see? Breakfast sitting and waiting for me! I have such nice thoughtful friends. I love nice surprises and when people show me they think about me and show they care about me. :o) Thank you Lorelie and Jeanna!


Lynette Mills said...

You slept 8 hours on an airplane? I'm impressed! I guess sleeping pills would do the trick. Have a wonderful time. It looks like you are.

Caytlin said...

India?! Cool!! Can't wait to hear more about it!

Dave and Amanda Brewer said...

I'm jealous!! I hope you are having tons of fun in India! And I know you'll take tons of fabulous pictures!

jamie hixon said...

Write down the little details on a napkin or something, it will really help, I promise.

And that is GREAT that you don't have jet lag. Sleeping pills don't sound like a bad idea.

mjfin22 said...

Dear India-
Give Tracy back! I miss her blogging.
Thank you.