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Sunday, September 5, 2010


On Sunday we wanted a break from the city. We decided we wanted to drive to Vancouver, British Columbia to see the new temple that was dedicated in May 2010! So we drove... for a few hours to get there. We stopped for church in Everett, WA. Went to the singles ward there. I met a few guys there... all pretty young, but its fun to meet new people every where I go. The guy that sat next to me in Sunday school started talking to me and told me he just came back from his mission. I asked him where he went and he said India! How cool is that. So we talked a lot about that and I just got SO excited! ha ha.
It was a beautiful drive, but crossing the boarder from USA to Canada was kind of a pain. This guy was a little more friendly than when we went to Victoria, but I just feel like we don't look like terrorist... so we don't need to be questioned so much.
Are you all together?
How do you know each other?
Where do you live?
Why are you coming to Canada?
How long are you staying?
You came all the way from Utah to come look at a building for a couple hours?

Okay... we are just answering your questions, you didn't ask us about our whole weekend plans! ha ha. Anyway... we at least got him to stamp our passports. This was my first time to Canada after all. So what if we were just going for a couple of hours to see the new temple.

Speaking of the temple, we kept our eyes out for it while driving trying to find it. Usually you can see them from far away, but this one.... you couldn't see it until you were on the same street. It was a beautiful temple though. We were the only ones there. We had packed a lunch and ate it on the temple grounds, took pictures and then left. It was worth it though. I don't know when I will get the opportunity to see it again.

On the way back, I really wanted to get a picture of something from the Olympics... since the last Winter Olympics were just there. We found the events center that had stuff there, but they didn't have any Olympic signs. Utah still has all of their Olympic stuff up. I am sure we could have found something... but we already had a long drive back, we didn't want to make it any longer.

We also noticed their McDonald's was a little different than ours. Can you see what the difference is? They have their little maple leave in the middle of the arch. What the?.... why? Just in case you forgot you were at McDonald's in Canada? ha ha.

Here are some other signs we saw on our drive there and back that we liked.


jamie hixon said...

That is cool about the guy who went to India! Was he cute? ;-)
And... what the...?? Venus Flytraps?!?

T-Ray said...

Yeah, he was pretty cute. I have been trying to find him on facebook... but I think he made it so its hard to search for him.