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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Seattle

Remember at the very beginning of this month when I posted that I was in Seattle? But then I never told you anything else about it and didn't show you any pictures... and then I went to India and now I am behind? I'm sorry.
I'm trying to catch up now though. I put it off for a while  because I was waiting for pictures from the other girls (and am still waiting) AND because we did SO much in Seattle that it is SO hard to sum up everything we did into one post... but I am going to try, so.... don't be overwhelmed by this post and ALL the many pictures and collages! This is only a fraction of the pictures I took in Seattle... so there will soon be an album on facebook for all your viewing pleasure.

So here we go.....

We went to the temple, which was awesome. I really enjoy visiting the temples wherever I travel.

We of course went to the famous Pikes Market.

Found the Fremont Troll under the bridge.

We got a city pass, which saved us a ton of money and got us to do a ton of different stuff. The city pass included entry into the Seattle Aquarium.

A Seattle tour by boat.

The Pacific Science Center & Experience Music Project.

The Woodland Park Zoo.

And of course, the Space Needle. Which we went at Sunset which was pretty much awesome.

I had been to Seattle before for my good friend Lolly's wedding, but it was a short weekend mostly doing the wedding stuff, so I didn't get to do a lot while I was there, so it was SO fun to go back and see all of Seattle AND go to Canada. My Aunt Sharleen was kind enough to let us stay at her house even though she was gone. Their house is beautiful! It was like staying in a fancy hotel, we woke up to a beautiful view of the Puget Sound every morning. Such an awesome trip. We had great time together. I really enjoy traveling with Lorelie and Jeanna... its all laughter and fun and amazing and fun idea's with them. We have serious conversations too. Thanks for a great trip girlies. Lets do it again soon!


THE LIZARD'S said...

I KNOW!!! The Bellevue (Seattle) Temple pics totally reminded me of my wedding and when you were there for that. So fun! I went to the zoo and the aquarium for the first time this past weekend and I LIVED there for over a year so you got to do A LOT for one trip!

jamie hixon said...

We did a lot of that in Seattle too. Did you see the fish throwing at Pike's fish market?

T-Ray said...

Sadly no. I head that was early in the morning? I am not for sure though.