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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mr Temper

On Monday night I walked over to the park where we were having ward FHE. I walked over with my roommate and BFF neighbor. As we were talking, we decide we are going to go sit down and socialize with more people. Just then, a new girl in the ward says my name, which gets my attention. She is talking to a new guy telling him the few people in the ward that she has met so far... one of them being me. So she introduces me to Mr. Temper. I say hi and make a little small talk... just expecting to say hi and then go sit and socialize as I was planning. This did NOT happen. New girl left and Mr. Temper just keeps talking and talking. Some people you can just tell you click with them and others, you don't. I didn't click with Mr. Temper... so it was starting to get awkward. I was trying to find anyway out of this conversation that I could. Part of the conversation goes as follows...

Mr. Temper - "Tracy, do you like the outdoors?"
Me - "Yes"
Mr. Temper - "Well, do you liked to hike? And when I say hike, I mean hardcore."
Me - "Hike, sometimes. Hardcore? Never."
Mr. Temper - "Oh, because I want to hike all the major peeks in our area.... in ONE day. Its pretty hardcore so I need to find some people that could handle it to do it with me. I mean... one time, I hiked from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other all in one day. This is the kind of hiking I am talking about."
Me - "Well... I'm NOT your girl."
Mr. Temper - "Well... do you know who in the ward is a hardcore hiker?"
Me -  "As much as I would like to say I even know every person's name in the ward... I don't. So I don't really know what all of their talents and hobby's are.  Sorry. What you could do though is send out a ward email, seeing if anyone wants to hike with you and if people do, they will email you back".

Unfortunately the conversation continues. It felt like it was never ending. Somehow it got brought up that I had gone running right before I had come to FHE.

Mr. Temper - "Oh, so you like the run?"
Me - "No, I actually don't like it at all, but I do it because I know its good for me."
Mr. Temper - "I like to run and actually would like to find someone to run with me. Do you know any runners in the ward? They need to be hard core though because they need to be able to keep up with me. So we are talking at least 7 minute miles and running 10 + miles."
Me - "Well, like I said before... I don't know every one's hobbies, but... you could send out a ward email and if people want to run with you, they will email you back."

I am starting to get annoyed at this point. I see my friend walk by that I was supposed to do something with later that night. So I got her attention to see what the plan was, hoping that once I was talking to someone else, Mr. Temper would go away. She said she needed to go to the store and I ASKED her if I could come with her. Is anyone else getting this hint? Well, she didn't because she invited Mr. Temper to come with us and then watch a movie with us after. He of course agrees and comes along and continues to talk to me. My friends of course were not helping me out or catching my hints that I didn't want to be around this guy anymore and kept leaving me a lone with him. AHHHH!!!!!

After we got back from what seemed like a LONG visit to the store, I had bought some grocery's so I was running home to put them away.... also running away from everyone. My friends were talking about some inside joke from the other night when I left. I am booking it to my house with my grocery's and almost to my door when I hear, "So Tracy, are you going to let me in on this inside joke?" WHAT? He followed me home? I told him it was just an inside joke. He follows me inside with his grocery's.

Me - "Aren't you going to go home and put your grocery's away?"
Mr. Temper - "No, I'm okay."
Me - "Umm... but... you have juice that needs to be refrigerated."
Mr. Temper - "Yeah, but I just figured I am going to be spending the rest of my night here, so its okay for it to wait".
Me - "Wait, what? Your spending the rest of the night here? We are going next door because there is a movie going on there."
Mr. Temper - "What? You guys changed the plans?" *starting to get angry*
Me - "Umm... there were never really any set plans. "
Mr. Temper - "Fine, I see how it is. I'm leaving" *starts to go out the door*
Me - "We are just going next door. There are a bunch of people there... anyone can go watch, you can go watch too. It's not that you are not invited, I was just telling you we are not going to be at my house."
Mr. Temper - "No, its fine, I am just going to go home"

He doesn't say another word and then slams the door and storms off to his apartment (wherever that is). I was SO confused. Did that just happen? I have not seen anyone throw a fit like that since Jr. High. Well, at least he was gone now right? It only took a couple of hours.

So I am at the neighbors house, talking to my BFF neighbor and there is a knock on the door. It's Mr. Temper! I almost laughed... after the fit he threw, he still decided to come over. He saw me sitting there...  looked at me (mad look) and then looked away and went downstairs. Same thing when he came back up. I am pretty sure he hates me now even though I didn't do anything. Thank goodness he is not in my ward.... only because he is too old to be in my ward. At the same time, how sad that a 32 year old is acting this way.

Today I was reminded of this situation that happened 5 days ago. Why? Because he sent out an email to the ward that said this:

"I'm new to Deerhaven and looking to get into a running groove. Running 3-4 times per week (12+ miles) would be great, but I need the support of like-bodied people. I'd like to start at 7.5 minute miles and work down from there. Maybe in preparation for a race: 5k, 10k, 1/2 or full marathon? Pace and scheduling are flexible. Just call or swing by if you're interested."

It made me laugh. Even though he hates me, he still took my advice (that is not what made me laugh, his qualifications in order to run with him is what made me laugh). You think he will get any takers? 


Robin said...
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Robin said...
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Bre said...

no wonders he's not married. He acts like he's two instead of 32.

Karen Ella said...

UM...laughed out loud about half way through because of the running email that I got the other day...must go meet Mr. Temper. Pretty sure I'll giggle...

jamie hixon said...

Yowza! I hope he doesn't start leaving headless barbie dolls on your doorstep or something.

Darrell said...


Des said...

Oh my God. That sounds like a crazy encounter.
I hope you yelled at your friends for not rescuing you! lol
Some friends really need a clear cut signal. lol
I can't believe he hated you just because you guys went to your neighbors house...like you said you were earlier.
Wow. What an ordeal. I can imagine that this day just could not pass fast enough.

s a r a s o d a 1 said...

This guy reminds me of someone from the Dev - anyone coming to mind?? He never wore shoes to anything even in the dead of winter...asked me on a date after I was married :)

politicchic6 said...

Sounds like a winner... And I hate people that call themselves hardcore. If you are hardcore, I am pretty sure that I can figure it out without you telling me.

Lori said...

this is a funny story tracy!
some people never grow out of their jr high maturity... like my boss at the day care, over 50 and still acts immature. hope you don't run into mr hardcore temper again :)