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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea & Crumpets

While in Seattle, we found this cute place next to Pikes Market called "The Crumpet Shop". We were lucky to not only find it, but that it was open. I guess it had super weird hours. I guess that would explain the reason it got crowded while we were there. They made home made crumpets everyday with different toppings. How often do you have the opportunity to have a hot fresh crumpet. Jeanna and I were all over that! I got cream cheese and jam on top of mine. SO GOOD!

I love going into different cafes. My favorite ones are original and cute with their style. Since this was a tea and crumpet place, they had Alice in Wonderland painted on the wall. I thought it was a small but charming little place. I think places like this are my favorite part of exploring new cities. :o) I still want to open up my own one day.... hopefully one day soon. You better believe I would serve hot fresh crumpets too. Just sayin.


Jeanna said...

I am craving one of those Crumpets right now!!! MMm..they were so good!

Kayleigh said...

This looks like -SUCH- as fun place!

PS - Thanks for the comments on my {new} blog! I hope you don't think I stole your name idea, my sister actually gave me a bunch of ideas and I liked "life of Kayleigh" best...

PPS - Have I recommended Google Reader to you? It keeps track of all the blogs you read and it is seriously the most amazing tool for people who read lots of blogs

PPPS - my word verification is "getme". What the heck?! LOL

jamie hixon said...

That looks SO good!
The best breakfast dessert I EVER had was in New Orleans in a tiny cafe... MMMMMmmmmmm... beignets...

Lori said...

Reminds me of that little french place Jamie took some of us once down town SB. The lady there even spoke to you in french...a little charmer.

Des said...

That place looks adorable! And those crumpets looks delicious!

Over the weekend my bf and I went to a cute little ice cream shop. It had all home made desserts and pies.
I had a raspberry truffle ice cream with raspberry chocolate chunks in it. It was heavenly!

I really love charming little bakeries, ice cream shops, and cafe's such as these.

It's such a shame there aren't a lot more of them.
But I guess that's why it makes the experience so special and memorable.