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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


While we were in Washington for the weekend, we decided we wanted to go to the Island of Victoria, British Columbia. We had a couple of options of how to get there. #1- we could get on a ferry from Seattle to take us there. This was cost us about $85 dollars each. OR #2- we could drive an extra hour or so and go to Port Angeles and take a ferry. This would cost us about $15 each way. You better believe we drove to Port Angeles. It was a beautiful drive and I saw parts of the state of Washington that I wouldn't have otherwise.
It was so funny to see signs for the city of Forks (where my brother in law's parents are actually serving their mission right now) and to arrive in Port Angeles. Funny only because every time I hear those cities I think of the Twilight books (because that is where they take place). Don't worry, we could have taken a Twilight Tour for $160..... but.... we decided to skip out on that this time. ha ha. Every time we heard a funny noise on our drive or something hit the car, we would say it was a vampire or a werewolf. HA!

The Ferry ride over to Victoria was about an hour. Not bad. It was a beautiful day, so we sat up on top of the Ferry. We still needed to keep ourselves entertained, so we were flipping through the tourist books. Guess what we found? A picture of a Lavender Field! No way! It just seems to find Lorelie and I wherever we go. :o) Don't know what I am talking about? Look here and here.

We then arrived in BEAUTIFUL Victoria. Seriously, I loved it there. Wish we could have stayed and explored longer. We walked around while taking pictures, then tried to catch a bus, but the bus didn't stop for us.... so we ran a few blocks and then ended up taking a taxi.

Why? So we could make it to our 3:30 appointment for Tea Time! You know how we love Tea Parties? Well, I looked up a place that did Tea Time and I found one and we made an appointment. My first Legit Tea Party (that I didn't throw). We loved it, but I have to say that we could make such a better tea place..... which we just might. Stay tuned in the future about that. We ordered yummy food and the first tea I have ever liked, a caffeine free herbal pear tea.

After that, we walked to a Castle near by. It was really neat.

After that we headed back to the ferry and were on our way back to Washington during sunset. It was beautiful. It was a beautiful day and we had a delightful time. My first time to Canada!!! Love seeing new places.


Bre said...

you make me want to be single again. I love to travel and I miss going on adventures. Way to live it up!

Kel said...

beautiful. you've been all over the place this summer!

jamie hixon said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! Maybe we will have to go there when we visit Dan's parents in Forks.

I like every fruity tea I've ever tried.

Tammy Jackson said...

I wish I were back in the states to travel with you~!

THE LIZARD'S said...

so cool! i never went to victoria and looks like i missed out! the weather was sunny on the ferry??! you lucked out! looks like a very beautiful day indeed!!! so funny about the lavender fields! PS. i hate how the border people question you so much..like i would really want to leave the US to sneak into Canada and live there or something!