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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Confessions of a Brunette on the Internet 33

You know how I have that poll on my blog about what you like best about this blog? I have noticed that I am losing votes. There used to be 45 votes and now there are only 39. What the.... can people take their votes away? How does that work?

Going back to work today was such a nightmare. I mean... its always kind of hard to go back to work after a nice vacation, but I came back today and my co-worker was like.... I'm so glad you are back because your area was a nightmare while you were gone. We now have this project and you need to clean this up and this was a pain, but your back now so I am giving it back to you. Welcome back! ha ha. Great. Thanks.

I think people thought that I was going to get kidnapped or pick pocketed or catch some sort of deadly disease while in India. People... I'm okay. It was fine. Sure, maybe I should have gotten some shots before I left, but I didn't. I never do when going to these poor countries, but I have been fine in the past, so I figured I would be fine this time too. I brushed my teeth with the tap water and everything. I didn't even get sick. I think I have an awesome immune system. My friends were kind enough to let me use their malaria pills. Which I am still taking, so at least I won't get malaria. 

Yesterday was SO long! My last day in India, I was pretty much on the bus all day getting back to Delhi so we could fly back. We had some extra time, so we did one more tour and then went to a hotel for dinner and then we were back at the airport and on the plane by midnight to fly back to the states. I was SO sad to leave. I wanted to stay another week. VK (the tour guide) could tell I was sad. I told him I wasn't ready to go yet.  He told me to stay then. ha ha... if only it were that simple. I had to go back. It was worse going back then going there. It was 15 hours back. I was able to sleep 8 hours again, watched two more movies.... but for some reason, it was still a struggle. Then we finally land in JFK airport and my friends got to leave and go home. I had to get on the air-train to get from Air India to Delta so that I could check back in and go through security and 4 hours (time between flights) was just enough time. Then got on another plane back to SLC which was another 4 hours in a plane. It was crowded and I sat next to a couple that was coughing the whole time, there was not as much leg room and I was just done flying. So it was a long 4 hours. I was SO happy when I got back just so I could go home and relax. I am still adjusting a little bit to the time change. Tonight was the first time that I have seen some of my friends since I got back. It was all worth it though. The trip was amazing and I will be blogging more about it with pictures very soon.  I am so done traveling..... for at least a month.  :o)

I have to say that I really dislike public bathrooms, but using the work bathroom today was awesome. I felt like it was such a high class bathroom. After being in a country where you have to pay to use these bathroom's that smell terrible and most of the time is just a stall with a hole in the ground. It was nasty and most of the time I would just hold it until I got back to the hotel. Call my a wimp if you want. The last day I would complain to VK. I would tell him I couldn't use the bathroom because it smelled too bad, so he would go tell someone that worked there that they need to clean it. The next place I told him I couldn't use it because it was just a hole... so he went and asked if they had an actual toilet.... but it was under construction. He told me next time I came to India that I could use the toilet. ha ha. It was nice that he would take care of things for me. 

We ate at McDonald's in India. It was my first time eating at one out of the country. It was interesting to eat at one there because they don't eat beef there, which means they also don't fly their fries in beef oil. They were less soggy. They served chicken burgers and veggie burgers. I loved the veggie burger. I totally wish they would sell those at McDonald's in the states, because I would buy them when/if I eat there.

I brought 3 books on my trip to read because I was going to have SO much travel time. Guess how much I read on the trip? One chapter out of the Hunger Games. That was it. Good intentions. Just had too much fun with the girls and talking to other people I guess. I read a few more chapters on the plane yesterday to SLC. I really need to get on that. 3 books though? What was I thinking? ha ha.

You know what makes me happy though? When people miss me when I'm gone. Makes me feel like I matter to people.... which feels good. I got a little bit of that, which was nice. Thanks friends.

In other news, Happy 50th Anniversary to the Flintstones!


Bethany said...

I know I missed you at my baby shower :) Glad you had such a great trip and that you made it back safely!

jamie hixon said...

Sounds like you and VK had some chemistry! ;-)
Um, I would never think of things like shots and malaria and stuff. I guess maybe I would get sick.

Yeah, and I don't know what you were thinking with 3 books either... but it is better to be prepared, right?

T-Ray said...

First off, VK is 40, okay? Hey was just being a nice tour guide and I liked to ask him lots of questions because he had answers.

I was really prepared. But 3 books? I mean... I am not even that fast of a reader. ha ha. I also forgot I would want to watch movies on the plane.

Trevor and Colette Riley said...

Hey Tracy! I haven't seen you in forever! So this is so random but is the company that you work for hiring right now? Please let me know if they are my husband is looking for a job right now. P.S. I miss you I haven't seen you in forever!


Kristy said...

I can't wait to see some pictures. It sounded like a lot of fun. Glad you got to go.